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Metro Shelving

If you've never heard of Metro shelves, take note.  My former kitchen had very limited space and our growing collection of kitchen items prompted me to find a solution.  That's where Metro shelves came in.  I had always admired them at Sur La Table, Fante's Kitchenware's in Philadelphia and at Foster's, so it was only natural for me to buy one.  These steel shelving systems can be purchased in different configurations ranging from wide shelves, narrow towers, corner shelves or kitchen islands with butcher block tops and they are not terribly expensive.  To make them mobile you can have them fitted with casters.  Although my current kitchen has more space, I still find myself dependent on this particular shelf.  Here is how I currently use mine. The shelving system may seem packed, but it's quite organized.  This is located along one of my walls in the kitchen. The top two shelves have some of my large yellowware bowls and antique glass cake stands.  My frenc

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

These delicious cookies come from the Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies special issue that is on the newsstands now.  Look for it because there is a cookie recipe in there for everyone.  I tried these awhile ago & they were a great success. Have all of your ingredients premeasured before starting.  French chefs call this mise en place and it's a good habit to get into.  The butter and eggs have to be at room temperature in order to cream properly. The recipe calls for cocoa powder (dutch-processed).  Cocoa has a tendency to clump which is why I always presift it before proceeding with the recipe.  Those lumps that are left can be pushed through with your spatula or wooden spoon. In the bowl of your mixer cream your butter and sugar well.  You don't want to overbeat this mixture because you may have cookies that spread too much.  Just beat until it's creamy. Add your eggs one at a time until well blended.  I always crack my eggs in a separate bowl.  Th

A long time coming.

Friends & family have been prompting me to create a blog which showcases pictures, recipes & helpful hints that make my life easier and more enjoyable.  I'm not sure where I will take this, but here's to the beginning of something wonderful.  I hope to fill this blog with Good Things for you & your loved ones.