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Fawn Sugar Cookies

As a cookie decorator I find that the best cookies are those I create to surprise someone.  That's exactly what I did the other day to a dear cousin of mine who is expecting her firstborn.  Our family was going to give her a baby shower this month with baby deer as the theme, so I planned my surprise a couple of weeks ago. Baby Deer for a Baby Shower Years ago I acquired a large collection of cookie cutters from my dear friend, Janet Bridge, and since then I have made sure to do justice to them.  The majority of the cookie cutters are American made copper cutters from the venerable coppersmiths of Copper Gifts.  A small fawn cutter that I fell in love with the moment I saw it was THE perfect cookie cutter for this project. How adorable is this fawn? Having rolled, cut and baked my cookie shapes, I took some delicious royal icing and tinted three batches to match the fawns I see on a yearly basis around the property.  A rich chocolate brown, a neutral-warm taupe and a pure white.  T