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Beautiful Finds

While in California I visited a few of my favorite antique shops and malls as I tend to do, but I finally managed to make my way to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.  I had heard from many individuals that this was "the" flea market of all flea markets in southern California, so as luck would have it, my trip coincided with the day it was being held in January.  Knowing full well what these places can be like I decided to go very early. I have to say that it was a bit overwhelming to walk through the market because there was so much to see.  Vendor after vendor selling everything from kitsch to gorgeous collectibles could be seen for miles.  These types of places can either wear you out right away or they can invigorate you to find what you're after.  My strategy was simple.  Look for anything in a milky green and quickly inspect it. A few pieces of jadeite did manage to capture my attention, yet I used caution with a few vendors after examining several items

Flying Home

Traveling to Southern California during winter is such a pleasure for me, because I always have a good time.  Whether I’m eating delicious food with family and friends, antiquing at some of my favorite spots with my younger brother or just spoiling the niece and nephews, Los Angeles County and Orange County seem like a second home to me.  One is never bored when visiting the vast urban areas of this part of California.  However, it’s nice coming back home to my house, my immediate family (including kitties of course) and the familiar spaces that bring me comfort. Flying cross country from Los Angeles to Philadelphia is quite a journey, and if you happen to be traveling by day, the views of this great country of ours can leave one in awe.  The terrain changes drastically from coast to coast.  I have been fortunate enough to have made this journey by plane dozens of times and by car once many years ago.  However, by air it can be something else.   While sitting on my assigne

My Favorite Lentil Soup

I love the earthy taste of lentils in soups, salads, pilafs & when used as a main dish.  When I was a strict vegetarian many years ago, I developed a taste for these nutritional legumes and came to rely on them quite often.  Packed with a lot of fiber and protein, among other beneficial good things, lentils make a most comforting & delicious soup during the colder months.  If I'm making this particular soup I will get the largest stockpot I own and cook a big batch.   Lentil soup is among my favorite things to eat for meatless dinners and it always manages to get devoured by everyone.  This particular soup gets its flavor and texture from four different varieties of lentils, but you can get away with using just two types and still make it delicious.  I've given you several optional ingredients to add to the soup, so pick & choose according to your preferences.  The best thing about this soup, other than the taste, is that it can be made with a minimum of fus

An Updated Pantry

In my effort to streamline the way I do things in the kitchen, I thought it was about time to redo the pantry that I rely on every single day.  One’s pantry, whether it is a large walk-in space or a simple cabinet or two, should have everything one needs within arm’s reach.  Here at home the pantry is nothing more than two cabinets with several adjustable shelves, yet it’s perfect for my family.  It is where I keep all of the essentials such as legumes, rice, pastas, sugars, oils, juices, teas, coffee, extracts and canned goods.  I’m always reaching in there for something whenever I’m baking or cooking (or snacking!).  Updating the pantry was not as difficult as I had imagined, because it was simply a matter of moving shelves and placing items where I needed them most.  I had been wanting to do this for quite some time and finally the other day I did just that.  What prompted this you’re asking?  To be honest, the layout of these staples wasn’t working for me anymore.  I was fi

Homekeeping Favorites

As we enter the New Year, everyone is looking to keep one's home clean, organized, free of clutter and stocked with the essentials.  I'm no different, because my home is where I like to have everything within easy reach and be able to do a number of projects at a moment's notice.  As much as I like to think every space within my home is organized, there is always room for improvement or change.  The new year gives me the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Going through my various homekeeping posts I decided to give you a highlight from some of my favorite ones.  These are the tips and lessons that I adhere to at home since they have served me well over the years.  It's never too late to learn something new, return to an old favorite or think about tackling one of those problematic areas at home. If you have a moment over the weekend, figure out what needs to be done around the house.  Make a list of those areas which need organization and then plan out how