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The Good Egg

Going through my archives of recipes, photographs and thoughts every single month gives me a chance to pause and take note of what I managed to capture and what I didn't.  It helps put things into perspective for me.  I like to outline on paper ahead of time the subjects I want to cover for a particular month, all the while taking notes, adding things or removing them.  It's how I blog.  The items I don't get to cover always get pushed back for a later date & I make sure not to forget what it is I wanted to say, capture or express; everything gets jotted down.  The subject of Good Things is boundless in my opinion, which is why I initially thought of using those words for my blog title.  The month was certainly filled with my favorite things, but it seemed to have been overtaken by The Good Egg .  I started with the idea of eggs, Araucana eggs to be exact, because I love using them in my kitchen for baking & cooking.  I first had to pay a visit to one of my fav


Quinoa is one of those ancient seeds that many of us are beginning to discover and incorporate into our weekly diets at home.  Available as a creamy white or dark red seed, quinoa is high in fiber & protein and has nine essential amino acids.  Aside from the nutritional virtues found in quinoa, a flavorful serving can be cooked in less than 20 minutes making it possible to compose a good meal in less than 30 minutes.  Quinoa is something I like to make on a regular basis since it pairs well with just about any vegetable, but it's also wonderful to have with some flavorful tofu or some eggs cooked any which way; for vegans and vegetarians, the seed is a great way to include that necessary protein in one's diet.  You can, of course, serve it with some wonderfully poached fish, sauteed chicken cutlets or even a few Frenched lamb chops for heartier fare.  I prefer to eat quinoa with legumes because I get the added benefits of more fiber & more protein.  It is a perfect mea

Vanilla Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes always seem to be the center of attention.  We eagerly await our slice after the candles have been blown out, the singing has ceased and the honored one has taken the first wedge.  I'm all for this kind of tradition because it is how I was raised, but I'm also one for the tradition of homemade cakes to mark these milestones.  No ifs, ands or buts!  If a cake has been made with a lot of love & care, along with the very best ingredients, it will absolutely be consumed down to the last crumb by everyone. The comforting flavor of those tender Vanilla Cake Layers I showed you earlier coupled with the sweetness of that creamy Simple Vanilla Frosting, makes this birthday cake extra special.  For purists who insist on having a through & through vanilla cake, they're going to adore this celebratory dessert because it's uncomplicated and unfussy.  To be honest, those are the cakes I enjoy baking most and they're the ones I love eating the most.