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Antique and Vintage Silverware

There is nothing like setting a table with antique or vintage silverware.  It has become the standard at home to set our table with a mix of vintage and antique silver, along with china patterns from a bygone era.  Although I do own complete sets of silverware patterns, I normally prefer to blend designs so that I create a little bit of visual interest at the table. While in Los Angeles over the Christmas holiday, I was able to visit some of my favorite antique stores.  This time around I was determined to only look for silverware because I didn't want to bring back anything large or bulky. I hit the mother lode at the Orange County Antique Mall on Glassel St.. It's an area known for having several stores which specialize in vintage and antique items.  The silverware is spectacular there! This small stockpile of luncheon knives (or dessert knives) is great for weekend brunches.  Having a set of these means that I can still use knives for smaller plates, without ov

Martha's Flowers

The latest book to come from Martha Stewart Living is dedicated entirely to the growing, cultivating, cutting and arranging of splendid blooms.  'Martha's Flowers' is out February 27th, and it's a publication that you won't want to be without, because it is beautifully organized, well written and  gloriously photographed.  The hardcover book co-authored by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey, gives us an intimate account of Martha's favorite flowers as they bloom throughout the year.  Written from the perspectives of America's most trusted lifestyle expert, and her friend and colleague, Executive Director of Design at Martha Stewart Living, 'Martha's Flowers' will take you into the homes and gardens of Martha Stewart. The first thing that you will notice when perusing the book, is how beautiful it is.  It reminds me so much of Martha's second Entertaining book; a large hardcover tome filled with truly breathtaking photographs. 

Happy New Year 2018

May you have a year filled with many moments of joy, laughter and gatherings with loved ones.  Make it a year to try new things that will enhance your life, and the lives of your family and friends. I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.