Martha's Flowers

The latest book to come from Martha Stewart Living is dedicated entirely to the growing, cultivating, cutting and arranging of splendid blooms.  'Martha's Flowers' is out February 27th, and it's a publication that you won't want to be without, because it is beautifully organized, well written and  gloriously photographed. 

The hardcover book co-authored by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey, gives us an intimate account of Martha's favorite flowers as they bloom throughout the year.  Written from the perspectives of America's most trusted lifestyle expert, and her friend and colleague, Executive Director of Design at Martha Stewart Living, 'Martha's Flowers' will take you into the homes and gardens of Martha Stewart.

The first thing that you will notice when perusing the book, is how beautiful it is.  It reminds me so much of Martha's second Entertaining book; a large hardcover tome filled with truly breathtaking photographs. 

Every photograph shows gorgeous blooms from Martha's gardens, and each design is arranged in one of Martha's antique vessels.  The publication will have you wanting to grow many of these flowers and collect the unique containers that Martha uses. 

Martha dedicates the book to her grandchildren, Jude and Truman.

The table of contents shows you how each chapter is divided into a specific season, with each season being devoted to distinct blooms.  All of them are favorites of Martha.

At the beginning of each chapter, Martha gives us the history of the flower, and the reasons as to how and why she grows them in her gardens.  Her friends, her travels and visits to gardens around the world, are constant sources of inspiration for Martha.

The chapters provide you with information on how to choose the right flower and where to grow each bloom, along with vital facts on planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning, troubleshooting and arranging them.  

At the end of the book, Kevin and Martha give you their expert tips on choosing the right tools for arranging flowers, and their techniques for creating, shaping and composing spectacular arrangments.

Don't forget to make this book a part of your home when it comes out in February.  You're going to want to give it a prominent location in your library, because it will provide you with countless inspiration.  I know of several friends who can't wait to get their very own copy of 'Martha's Flowers'.   


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