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Celebrating Halloween, Martha by Mail Style

Celebrating Halloween with style is easy when you turn to the former Martha by Mail catalog for inspiration.  From decorating your outdoor spaces and choosing what to give to your ghoulish guests as party favors, to creating a macabre indoor atmosphere for your bewitching celebration and finding the perfect costume for the little goblins in your family, the past Martha by Mail catalog continues to serve as a source of ideas for many of us. I decided to make it easy for all of you who love collecting Martha by Mail and adore celebrating Halloween, by combining the best ideas that were once a part of this now-closed catalog.  Although many of these exclusive products are no longer available, you can still get creative this Halloween by crafting, baking, decorating and arranging in the same manner, with present-day, easy-to-find materials.  If you happen to have some of these products or collect vintage and antique Halloween memorabilia, by all means use them! Here you will find ide