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Collecting Seashells

While we were at the shore several weeks ago I decided to collect a few shells during one of my walks.  The long stretch of beach that I love so much is covered with seashells, stones and small pebbles locally known as Cape May diamonds.  Not really knowing what I would do with them or where I would display them, I filled a small bag with a few items as we made our way back to the car.  There was such a large variety that I could have filled an entire bucket with shells, to be honest, but I was mindful and gathered only a few.   Small, dark-colored shells were the first ones I picked up because they looked so beautiful against the damp sand.  These particular ebony-like shells were easy to spot.  They almost seemed to glimmer whenever we’d walk past them.   As you can imagine, many of the shells were either imperfect or broken, but every once in awhile we would come across some that we just had to pick up.  With a modest amount of them in my bag I began to look at other

Edible Prints for Cookies

A good friend of mine recently asked me to create some special cookies for her husband because she wanted to surprise him at work.  Since the logo of his favorite NFL team was the design of choice for this occasion, I suggested using edible prints on each cookie in order to get precise results.  It was then that I began my search for sources that could provide what I needed. Fellow bakers told me about their tried & trusted sources and some gave me the pros and cons of edible wafer paper versus frosting sheets.  With this information I settled on edible wafer paper which led me to the easy-to-use website of  Edible Printing .  An order was placed, the sheets were delivered and yet, we had to wait to use them because they were meant for a specific date.  Since these prints dry out very easily and fade if left exposed, the sheets had to stay inside a food-safe zip-top bag and they had to be in a cool, dry place away from any light. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous abo

Visiting Cape May Point

This past week I spent some time with family in the historic area of Cape May.  The tranquil town is such a beautiful area filled with Victorian homes, restaurants, shops and miles of pristine beaches for one to stroll during the day.  The first time I visited Cape May was during my freshman year in college back in 1994 and it was then that I fell in love with this wonderful town.  All of these years later the place still holds that special magic for me and I couldn’t be happier having visited for several days.   As much as I was fortunate enough to have visited for just under a week, our trip didn’t start under auspicious circumstances.  Having our power and heat go out due to an ice storm, we were forced to leave our Montgomery County home to seek warmer shelter.  Cooking meals, sharing laughs, having our cats get used to a new environment and yes, taking strolls along the miles of beach were all very nice to say the least.    The first day that we were here I wanted to

Favorite Winter Sips

If the weather gets brutally cold out and I want to warm up quickly, I always prepare a delicious hot sip for myself and for anyone who wants one.  Tea is almost a daily ritual for my family as I'm sure it is for many of you, but if I want to change things up a bit I make something that is more indulgent. These favorite winter sips of mine are not difficult to make and any of them can be made in a matter of minutes.  However, the cinnamon-flavored coffee is one exception, because the spice-infused liquid must steep before it can be brewed into a cup. I'm not sure if it's particularly cold where you are at the moment or if you even need the weather as a reason to make one of these hot drinks.  Anything warm to drink is always welcomed in the mornings or afternoons, but some of these favorite sips of mine that don't contain any caffeine can even be made in the evenings. Enjoy one of my favorite winter drinks from a mug, coffee cup or even a cafe au lait bowl. G