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Flea Market Shopping in Los Angeles

I've written at length about the flea market shopping that can be found throughout Southern California.  It's always fun to show you the items I encounter at these markets, because it gives you an idea of the variety that people sell and collect.  Certain vendors come back year after year, but new ones crop up here and there.  For me, it's all about the thrill of the hunt for the things that I like.  Friends are always telling me that it would be fun to go on these trips with me to the flea markets, and I think to myself: "as long as we don't fight for the same items, sure!"  Can you imagine having to fight and elbow your way for something with one of your friends?  I certainly wouldn't want to be in that situation.  The two major flea markets that I like to visit when I'm in Southern California are the Rose Bowl Flea Market and the Long Beach Flea Market.  One is held the second Sunday of every month, and the other is held on the third Su

Childhood Memories of Baking with Mom

Some of my earliest memories from childhood have to do with mom's baking.  It's hard to pinpoint exactly when it was that I started to show an interest in baking, but I can clearly remember standing on a kitchen chair, back in the 70s, right next to mom as she was either baking a cake or portioning out cookie dough. Here is mom helping me with a slice of homemade cake for my 1st. birthday.   All of our birthday cakes, holiday sweets for the family, cupcakes for school P.T.A. events, and milestone celebration desserts, were made from scratch by our dear mother.  Not only that, but mom was a baker to many of our neighbors who clamored for her cakes whenever they needed them.  I somehow became mom's pastry assistant in the kitchen for some of her biggest projects, such as wedding cakes.  I remember helping mom mix batch after batch of cake batters or cookie doughs, tinting pounds of icing if she asked me to, preparing cake pans for baking, and adding countles

Antiquing and Vintage Shopping Today

The world of antiques, antique shops and various antiquing venues has changed rapidly in the last decade or so.  Long gone are the days when I could hop in my car and drive to my former hometown to visit the shops I patroned on a regular basis, when I first started collecting for our home.  All of the antique shops along Kings Highway are no longer there, and the same goes for so many of the shops on "Antique Row" in Center City, Philadelphia.  Recently, I took a small trip into the city with a dear friend of mine from Washington, and we began a discussion about antiques, antiquing and everything vintage.  I lamented the fact that so many antique shops were now out of business along a stretch of road that was famous for them.  The shop owners that were so passionate about their hordes of fine china, glassware, silverware, linens, furniture and garden ornaments, have packed up and moved out. Tureens from my antique ironstone collection. The economy, shrinking 401k

Happy Independence Day!

I want to wish every American a very happy and safe Independence Day! The Fourth of July is a day to cheer our country's independence and it's a day to be a proud citizen.  Old Glory will be displayed throughout the country in various forms, so let us remember what the red, white and blue signify.   May every one of you proudly display our nation's flag.     From sea to shining sea, Happy Fourth of July!