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Princess Cookies

Every little girl dreams of being a princess at one point or another.  Some may even request a birthday party or a tea party with a beautiful princess theme so that she may share a bit of royal magic with all of her friends.  This year, I received a request from my dear niece for some heart cookies with very specific colors for her princess-themed birthday party. Being someone who likes to create a bit of cookie magic, I designed an entire set of cookies with a royal flourish for my little one, because I wanted to surprise her.  Knowing the exact color scheme (chosen by my niece), I took out a few cookie cutters in shapes fit for the sweetest of parties, and set aside some time to bake and ice Princess Cookies . Keep these cookies in mind if you're thinking of throwing a birthday party or a celebration for someone extra special in your life.  Remember, they are a true labor of love. Go through my step-by-step tutorial to create these sweet treats! ♥ For the c

Easter Cookies

Easter is right around the corner and you know what that means.  There are Easter baskets to be filled, chocolates to unwrap, eggs to be dyed in multiple colors, and, of course, cookies to be decorated with springtime colors.  Over the course of the few years I've been writing, photographing and creating for Good Things by David , Easter has had a special significance for me.  This time of year happens to coincide with my niece's birthday, so extra care is taken in making the best of the very best. I've culled from my photographic library some of my favorite images of the Easter cookies that have flown the coop and made their way to the west coast. It's nice to look back at these beautiful cookies, because there is always so much to learn and remember from year's past.  Rather than post one long string of photographs, I decided it would be best to present photos with a few tips & techniques for you cookie decorators. Let's begin! What I loved

Happy St. Patrick's Day

"Don't you know that today's March seventeen? It's the day for the wearing of the green...."   I want to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy a little bit of green for some luck!

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

It's that time of the year when we all want a bit of the luck of the Irish.  St. Patrick's Day Cookies may not bring us good luck, but they sure will bring a smile to anyone receiving one.  Working with a good sugar cookie (tinted or left plain) base and some lemony royal icing colored in various shades of green, you can create the simplest of designs for quick & easy decorated cookies.  Set an afternoon aside for some of these special treats.  I think everyone is going to want one. Ever since I can remember, I have loved the color green.  Whenever I use green in any shade, whether I set a table with it or say, decorate some cookies, I'll undoubtedly have a smile on my face.  Green colored dishes & linens are pretty much an everyday affair for me, but green cookies only pop up in my life a few times a year.   You have to have something green on St. Patrick's Day, so why not some sweet edibles like these?  Shamrock cookies: easy, delicious, green &

How'd You Do That?

The blog, How'd You Do That? , is always inspirational to me because it is written from the heart.  Blogging colleague and friend, Joy, really dedicates time and care into her posts, and if you take a moment to go through her blog, you will see that it shows.  Her blog started off as a private blog for family members so that she could keep in touch with those who aren't near her, but at some point a few years ago, Joy decided to take it live.  The rest, as they say, is history. Over a conversation last week I came to find out that Joy was contemplating ending the blog.  After giving it more thought and some much needed encouragement, she has decided to keep going!  I am so glad because Joy is a true inspiration to me, her family and her readers.  Not only does she blog about her baking, crafting, collections, decorating ideas and her family, but she volunteers and gives back to her community when she has the time.  This is one of the things that I truly admire about Jo

My Favorite Blogs

I want to begin a small profile of blogs that I love and admire, because in the world of blogging, it's always nice do a share to share.   It's imperative for me to keep up with my favorite bloggers to see what they are doing so that I too can be inspired by them.  The idea of observing how another person writes, photographs and composes what they demonstrate or review on their blogs is fascinating to me.  I love good content.  I love a well-composed photograph.  I admire well-written posts and, most of all, I love to be inspired.  When I have some down time after I've taken care of things around the house, I get on the computer here in the " office " and check to see what my favorite bloggers are doing.  Yes, it's nice to hear people tell me that they get inspired by this or that through my blog, but to be perfectly frank, I also  enjoy getting inspired by creative individuals. Once a month, I plan to profile one blog and tell you a lit