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Adorable Halloween Cookies

It doesn't take much to make whimsical and adorable sugar cookies for Halloween.  With a few cookie cutters, a reliable sugar cookie dough recipe and some tinted royal icing, your Halloween treats will be the talk of the town as soon as neighbors get wind of them.  It's a guarantee that these will fly off the racks and into loot pails in no time. For the people around town, I looked to a variation of a cookie that I made for my niece and nephew last year, and I made another variation of a ghost cookie that my friend Janet created several years ago.  Chubby pumpkins with smiley faces, some trick-o-treater ghosts that are very cute, and a few spiderwebs with creepy spiders, are what I made for my neighbors this year. Take a look at the easy patterns and make some in the next few days for your Halloween party or for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.  Everyone is going to want one or two of these sugar cookies. The royal icing colors are: pumpkin orange

Lingonberry Upside-Down Cake

Lingonberries, also known as mountain cranberries, cowberries and partridgeberries, are small red fruits native to Scandinavian countries, areas of Canada and in parts of Alaska.  Recognized for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these tiny berries grow wild on an evergreen bush called Vaccinium vitis-idaea , a member of the heath family.  At first glance they are very reminiscent of cranberries, and yet, they are less tart, a bit more delicate in aroma and infinitely edible.   I had the pleasure of using wild lingonberries (I used frozen) a few days ago to make an upside down cake for a gathering at a neighbor's house.  The results were well worth the effort of tracking down wild lingonberries.   Click here to buy the exact berries that I used from Northwest Wild Foods.   For the recipe itself, I turned to the trusted experts at King Arthur Flour.  Their Harvest Apple Cranberry Cake looked like the perfect base to use for this particular dessert.