Adorable Halloween Cookies

It doesn't take much to make whimsical and adorable sugar cookies for Halloween.  With a few cookie cutters, a reliable sugar cookie dough recipe and some tinted royal icing, your Halloween treats will be the talk of the town as soon as neighbors get wind of them.  It's a guarantee that these will fly off the racks and into loot pails in no time.

For the people around town, I looked to a variation of a cookie that I made for my niece and nephew last year, and I made another variation of a ghost cookie that my friend Janet created several years ago.  Chubby pumpkins with smiley faces, some trick-o-treater ghosts that are very cute, and a few spiderwebs with creepy spiders, are what I made for my neighbors this year.

Take a look at the easy patterns and make some in the next few days for your Halloween party or for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.  Everyone is going to want one or two of these sugar cookies.

The royal icing colors are: pumpkin orange (Americolor orange mixed with Americolor copper), avocado green (Americolor avocado), white, bright yellow (Americolor lemon yellow mixed with a little Americolor egg yellow), jet black (Americolor black), red (Americolor super red).

NOTE:  you will need a small quantity of pumpkin mellow creme candies for the trick-or-treating ghosts.  I like Brach's.

Cut out and bake several Trick or Treater Ghost Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies and Spider Web Cookies using medium-sized cookie cutters from Copper Gifts (click on the highlighted shapes for direct links).  These are generously sized to make decorating easy.

For the pumpkins, outline and flood the bases in pumpkin-orange royal icing using a #4 piping tip.  While the base is still wet, pipe two eyes and a mouth as shown using black royal icing and a #2 piping tip.  Immediately pipe the avocado-green stem of the pumpkin using a #2 piping tip.  Let the bases dry completely.  Using #2 piping tips (switch them out if you have to), pipe a bead of orange icing around the entire pumpkin, and then a bead of avocado green icing around the stem of the pumpkin as shown.  Add a curly vine to the pumpkin if desired.  Let dry completely.

These trick or treater ghosts were originally created by cookie guru, Sweet Dani B, of Martha Stewart fame.  She in turn inspired my good friend Janet, who then inspired me years later to create my very own.  They're so easy to make.

Using white royal icing and a #3 piping tip, outline and flood the base of the ghost as shown; let dry completely.  Using the color of your choice for the stockings, pipe legs on the little ghosts and then pipe black shoes as shown; let dry.  With white royal icing and a #2 piping tip, pipe a bead of icing around the ghost, making sure to give the little guy an arm with which to hold the mellow creme pumpkin.  Using black royal icing and a #1 piping tip, pipe little black eyes and a smiley mouth on the ghost.  Pipe stripes on the stockings if desired.  Using a sharp pairing knife, slice each mellow creme pumpkin candy in half and attach it to the ghost with a bit of royal icing as glue.  Let the cookie dry completely.

For the spider webs, outline and flood the bases in either pumpkin orange or in white using a #4 piping tip. Immediately pipe the spokes of the spiderwebs using black royal icing and a #2 piping tip.  Create the undulating web design as shown while the base is still wet;  let the cookie dry completely.  Pipe chubby spiders in whatever color royal icing you desire using a #2 piping tip, and then pipe 4 legs on each side of the spider using black royal icing and a #1 piping tip. Let the cookies dry completely.

Didn't I say these would be easy?  Ever so cute and incredibly adorable without a doubt.  I think all cookie bakers and cookie crafters should make a few of these cookies for loved ones.  If you're feeling ambitious and daring, create dozens of them for family, friends and neighbors.  Packaged in clear cellophane bags and tied with festive ribbons, each treat is going to disappear before you know it.

A big thank you and shout out to Sweet Dani B. and to my friend Janet!

Happy Halloween to all of you.