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Remembering October & November

I realized over the weekend that I hadn't done a reflection on the previous months, so it was about time I did.  This is when I start to bake a lot more and crave everything that's associated with fall.  I love the changes in the weather and all that the season has to offer.  The months of October & November are always full of planning, making lists and trying new recipes for me & my family.  Here are some of the highlights from the past months.   ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ Raspberry Sandwich Cookies These are such marvelous cookies to bake all year round.  I think they're especially good around the holidays because they contain just the right amount of spice & sweetness, so I do hope you try them soon.  The picture above, shows you exactly how I roll out my cookie dough.  I always lightly flour my dough counter and place a sheet of plastic wrap over the dough (usually double width).  This allows me to roll out the dough without it sticking to the rolling pin & without us

Storing Silpats

If you bake at home like I do, I hope you have a silpat or two in the kitchen for your endeavors.  I find them to be essential items that make my life so much easier whenever I bake cookies, tarts or any other kind of pastry.  Silpats are those silicone-coated baking mats that come in a variety of sizes (quarter sheet & half sheet are the most common) and make any baking sheet nonstick.  Although they are rather pricey to begin with, the thousands of times you will use them without having to replace them far outweigh their cost.  Let me show you how to properly store them in the kitchen so that you get many years of effortless use from your silpats. These are half-sheet silpats.  The print side (top side) is where you place your baking item; it's the smooth, nonstick side.  A new silpat will not sit flat like these two.  Since they come rolled up (top side in) to protect their surface, when you unroll them for baking, they inevitably stay curled at the edges.  A bit annoying

Happy Thanksgiving

Cheers! As we celebrate across America with family and friends this Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a joyous holiday.  May it be filled with many Good Things ! David

Pumpkin Custards

Smooth, silky, pleasantly spiced and very much of the season, Pumpkin Custards are absolutely delicious.  Everyone seems to be in such a rush around Thanksgiving to bake & roast the perfect meal, that many seem to take dessert for granted.  This doesn't have to be the case if you arm yourself with a good, reliable recipe that is fool-proof and full of the season's flavors.  One of the added benefits about my custards is that they are absolutely gluten-free!  Several of my friends have a gluten intolerance but still crave the flavor of pumpkin pie.  For them, my Pumpkin Custards are just the thing to eat.  Yes, they're also a Good Thing for those who claim they don't have time to make & roll out a pie crust (even for those who are too timid to make a homemade pie crust!).  These little custards can be whipped up the day before the feast and be kept in the refrigerator until dessert time.  I think once you taste how utterly delicious my custards are, you&

Persimmon Holiday Pudding

I love persimmons and as soon as I spot them at my local supermarket, I buy several.  Since I'll be making a steamed pudding with them today, I thought I'd repost the recipe for my Persimmon Holiday Pudding .  It's worth revisiting. Enjoy! ✻✻✻✻✻ This steamed pudding, which originally came from a Martha Stewart Living publication, has been in my repertoire for about a decade now, and every year I seem to tweak it a little to make it more suitable to my tastes.  It has become a tradition to make at least one of these for our guests during the holidays and at least one or two to give away as a gift.  Even those who claim not to like persimmons, will be quite surprised at how delectable this dessert really is.  It reminds me of a plum pudding, which is very traditional for the holidays in Great Britain.  Why not try making one this season? Persimmon Holiday Pudding I came across these beauties at my local farmer's market.  Can you blame me for buying them? The