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Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Conversation heart candies have been a part of Valentine's Day for as long as we can remember.  As a kid I used to love giving them out to my classmates every single February 14th, and because I had a sweet tooth, I couldn't wait to devour mine as soon as we emptied our Valentine baskets in class.  It's been decades since I've eaten a conversation heart candy, but it's been only a few hours since I created my very own in cookie form. Sugar Cookies on Wedgwood Queen's Ware & Platinum Scroll For purists who will tell me that these are not true conversation heart colors, it is true, they are not.  I departed from the original pastel hues of the diminutive sweets because I wanted bright reds and pinks for the cookies, and the lettering was done in pure white icing using either all-caps, lower case or cursive.   Luv U & Be Mine Keeping the phrases to a simple few words, I made several dozen of these conversation heart sugar cookies just in time for Valentine&

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