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Citrus Slice Sugar Cookies

Citrus slice sugar cookies are a nice way to end the summer, whether you're at home with your family or at the beach enjoying a leisurely weekend.  A simple round cookie cutter is all that you need to make citrus slice sugar cookies by the dozen.  Lemon slices, lime slices and orange slices are sure to entice just about anyone who sees them. Citrus Slice Sugar Cookies After rolling out and cutting rounds of whatever size you wish, slice each cookie in half to create the citrus  wedges.  Bake per your recipe instructions and let them cool.   Royal icing should be made in batches and tinted in leaf green (a few drops of yellow will create a shade of lime), lemon yellow and bright orange.  Leave some plain white icing to pipe the pips and the pith of the citrus slices. Lemons, Limes and Oranges Working with flooding-consistency royal icing and #3 piping tips on all of your piping bags, outline and flood the base of a citrus slice in the color of your choice, and while the icing is wet

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