Valentine's Day Envelope Cookies

You can surprise your sweetheart with a few envelope-shaped sugar cookies this Valentine's Day if you plan a few days in advance.  Even if you don't have a cookie cutter in this shape (I don't), you can still create a few of these cute edibles.  Very simple and easily accomplished by anyone.

The Valentine's Day hearts above, are ones that I've created in the past.  They are customer favorites, so I make dozens upon dozens of them every single year.  Those are easy to make too.

For the envelopes, cut out as many cookie dough squares as you can, and then slice off the top two corners of each square to create the shape of the envelope right before baking.  That's all there is to it!  If you have a house-shaped cookie cutter, you can try using that for the envelopes.

For the royal icing colors:  mix Chefmaster 'Super Red' until you get the desired shade of red.  For the pink, mix a couple of drops of Chefmaster 'Fuchsia' until you get a light pink (use this sparingly to achieve a soft pink color).  The third color is pure white; leave the royal icing as is.

Valentine's Day Envelope Cookie: Outline and flood the base of the cookie using a #4 piping tip and white royal icing; let dry completely.  It's important to let the base dry thoroughly or your red and pink royal icings will bleed if you pipe them onto a damp base.  Using a #2 piping tip and red royal icing, pipe a heart in the center, toward the top of the envelope flap.  If you have heart-shaped candies, attach them with royal icing.  Using a #2 piping tip and pink royal icing, pipe a bead of icing outlining the folds of the envelope as shown.  You can design a cookie with pink hearts and red-lined envelopes if you switch out the colors.  If you want to write a message with food coloring pens or pipe the recipient's name on the bottom of the envelope with royal icing, you may do so.  Let the entire cookie dry completely before packaging.

Didn't I say these were easy?  Make as many of these as possible for your loved ones this Valentine's Day.  Place each cookie in a clear cellophane bag and tie it with a bright red, pink or white ribbon.  Rather than mailing them to locals, drop off care packages at people's homes to make them feel special and loved.  Think of your parents, grandparents, extended family members or even coworkers.  Don't forget to make at least one or two of these for your husband, wife or partner.  They're going to love you for it. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. How do you do it?!?!?! Never seem to get the right consistency for the royal icing.

    1. Before you bag the royal icing, test it. When you dip a spoon into it, lift up some icing and let it fall back into the bowl, it ahould fall into a ribbon and hold its shape for a few seconds, but it must also completely break up and dissolve in less than 10 seconds. That is the proper consistency for floodwork.


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