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A Look at February 2012

February was a month filled with delicious Good Things .  I kicked off the month of February with a most beautiful cookie.  Hearts were shaped out of meringue & flooded with sweet cherry jam, making them perfect for any sweetheart on Valentine's Day.  Although I'm not one to celebrate this holiday in a big way for my special one, I still like to mark it by making something delicious.  These meringue hearts certainly fit the bill & were eaten rather quickly at our house (I also shared them!).  My collection of copper cutters from  Martha by Mail was wonderfully displayed on Martha Moments  at the beginning of the month.  Not only was it was fun sharing those images with you, it also gave me the opportunity to take stock of what I have.  I hope the next generation of bakers in my family appreciate this cherished collection in the future.  After decorating several dozen cookies for a private birthday party, it occurred to me that I hadn't shown you the tools I use f

Coconut Cake with Orange Curd

Coconut cakes are among my favorite layer cakes for birthdays or other special occasions.  The contrast in textures between the cake, filling, frosting & grated coconut can be varied depending on your tastes.  Many of us like uncomplicated coconut cakes with nothing but the flavor of this fruit (or nut, or seed, depending on how you classify it) shining through.  There are times when only this type of cake will do.  I love them.  I love making them.  I also love enhancing cakes with complementary flavors whenever possible, because it can be fun and unexpected for the lucky recipient. Orange pairs beautifully with coconut and this particular cake gets plenty of it in the filling and icing.  A silky Orange Curd  is sandwiched between two scrumptious Coconut Cake Layers  ,which are then swathed in fluffy, Orange Seven Minute Frosting .  Generously sprinkled with thick shavings of unsweetened coconut, the cake is every bit as delicious as it looks.  It's very easy to assemble

Coconut Cake Layers

A tender and delicious white butter cake enhanced with thick, unsweetened coconut milk best describes these fragrant layers.  Using a good quality, unsalted butter (I love Plugra ) and a bit of pure vanilla & almond extracts, helps round out the flavors of my recipe.  Stiffly beaten egg whites lighten up the batter and give it volume, while keeping the cake as white as snow after baking. My Coconut Cake Layers can be iced with an array of frostings & be sandwiched with your choice of fillings.  Imagine using a traditional crème pâtissière in between the cakes and covering them in a rich buttercream.  Perhaps you enjoy the flavors of coconut and chocolate.  In that case try enrobing the layers in a   delicious chocolate frosting   while filling them with a simple, but delicious  whipped cream  flavored with a bit of Kahlua.  If you want to keep it simple, however, a homey   seven minute frosting  sprinkled with coconut is the way to go.  Whatever you decide to use, I can almos