Snowfall in February

As I was getting dinner started yesterday, I noticed that snow was coming down every so lightly (Punxsutawney Phil had it right!).  Here in eastern Pennsylvania we haven't had much snow this winter, which is both good & not so good.  It was quite a welcoming sight, however, having large snowflakes drifting down into the hours of the night, because this morning, we woke up to a wonderful, winter landscape.  After feeding the kitties and having my coffee, I gathered my coat, gloves, a warm scarf & my camera.  I captured many images this morning of the snowy grounds around our home, so take a look at what this part of the country looks like today.  Stay warm everybody!  

This mountain laurel shrub is covered in thick clumps of slushy snow.  I have several flanking the entrance of the house. 

The slate walkway leading up to the driveway is very lightly coated.  This is deceiving, though, because the steps are really icy, slippery & quite dangerous.  These were quickly cleared.

Part of the edge of our driveway shows the "bear tooth" edging.  I'm actually standing on the front porch looking up the hill toward the barn.  So cold, yet quite bracing.  Do you see those dark stalks on the right hand side?  They're ostrich fern fronds.  I'll show you their magnificence this spring.

Looking east, the sun was just coming up from the horizon.  Quite serene.  Everything was quiet this morning.

I'm walking up the driveway toward the barn.  These sugar maples sit here quite proudly and I happen to love them tremendously.

I had to turn back & look at the house.  The cedar shingles of the primitive colonial are just lightly coated.  This wasn't a big snowfall.

This small shed with its saltbox roof line is also lightly coated.  Saltbox homes & primitives are quite common in the eastern part of the United States. 

I'm in love with cobbled edging & roads.  This one turns into the barn driveway.  I know I'm always thinking about food, but to my mind, the driveway almost looks as if someone sifted confectioner's sugar over it. 

The rest of the driveway, leading up the hill out onto the main road, hadn't been plowed yet.  The wall on the right belongs to the barn porch.

I'm not sure what type of tree this is, but it's gorgeous.  I like how it's illuminated by the bright sun against the pristine white snow.  

The lovely oak stump behind the barn.

Although these branches are being weighed down by thick snow, the porch wall provides some support.  Looking up toward the western sky beyond the stone barn, the day was becoming quite bright.

The steps in the center lead up to the meadow.  I wanted to go up & take more photographs, but the paths hadn't been cleared yet.  I wasn't going to risk it.

The white, icy branches of this pepper berry shrub look stunning.

Here I am looking beyond the glade toward more trees.  If you look closely toward the sunlight, snow is falling off the trees in great big sheets due to wind. 

One of several teak benches sitting next to an old well.  I can't wait to show you what this area looks like in the spring when the ostrich ferns come out.  Some grow between 4-5 feet in height!  In the meantime, however, I'm waiting for the snowdrops to emerge & bloom. 

A beautiful snow covered fir tree behind the house.