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Looking Back at May

The idiom 'April showers bring May flowers' certainly did come into play this past month here in the Delaware valley.  We were graced with some pretty spectacular blooms throughout the month, but it seems as if those April showers stuck around for a good part of it.  My only regret was not photographing those gorgeous azaleas I so wanted to capture for you.  Every time I wanted to photograph the flowers, it would be too dark & cloudy or it would be raining with no end in sight.  By the time we actually had some sunny days, the flowers were spent and no longer in their prime.  I, of course, was not happy.  There's always next year, right?  I know, I keep telling myself that. Let's look back at May here on the blog because there was a lot I covered.  Rather than having a long introduction, let's jump right into it so that I can discuss a bit about each post. Peanut Butter Cookies Do you realize that there was a time in which I didn't care for p

Fire Safety Basics

I thought it would be appropriate to repost this blog entry from last year since I'm currently having my fire extinguishers serviced.  Take a moment to review the basics because they're pertinent for everyone and they just might save a life in the future. ❈ Are you and your family prepared in case there is a fire in your home?  Have you checked to see if your smoke alarms are working properly & do you have them on every floor if you have more than one story?  What about fire extinguishers: do you have any & have you checked to see if they're properly charged?  What's more, does your household have a fire escape plan in case there is a mishap?  These are all questions you should be able to answer immediately without hesitation.  Fire safety is something everyone needs to consider. A recent incident at my home prompted me to remind all of you about the importance of fire safety.  As a result of some carelessness on my part, a small amount of oil


Chipwiches are just the thing to serve for dessert when you're having a barbecue on any given summertime weekend.  Such a simple thing to make for the busy host, all one needs to assemble these treats is a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies and some of your favorite vanilla ice cream.   You can certainly try different ice creams like chocolate, mint-chocolate chip, cherry, soy, yogurt or any of the varieties your family & friends like.  What I would suggest is baking some chocolate chip cookies the day before your barbecue (they have to be homemade!) and then simply putting the sandwiches together the morning of your feast.  Leave a tray of them in the freezer and watch as they disappear the moment you serve them.  Take a peek at how quickly these can be put together. The Ultimate Chipwich This is all you need to make the most delectable chipwiches.  Of the utmost importance is using high quality ice cream and having a batch of my Best Chocolate Chip Coo

Martha Stewart Living Television ~ Desserts

I don't know if you're like me, but I love the old television segments from Martha Stewart Living Television that were taped at the Westport, Connecticut studios many years ago.  I learned so much from them in terms of cooking, baking, crafting, collecting, homekeeping and design.  From the Martha Stewart Channel on youtube, I've compiled several videos that cover sweets things.  Go through your favorites and revisit the former studios and wonderful lessons, along with some great recipes from Martha.  Enjoy! ❃ Oat Scones with Dried Sour Cherries ❃ Turkey Cupcakes ❃ Congo Bars ❃ S'mores ❃ Blueberry Pie ❃   Pecan Pie (with big Martha!) ❃ Alexis' Sweet Potato Pie ❃ Pumpkin Pie ❃ Buttermilk Biscuits ❃ Cranberry Butter ❃

Martha Stewart Living Television ~ Main Courses & Sides

Martha is due to return to television this fall with a new show on PBS called, Martha Stewart's Cooking School .  The half hour lessons on how to cook the basics will once again be a part of our must-see weekend programming, and I for one, can't wait.  The format of the new show promises to be scripted, edited & polished much like the original T.V. shows, From Martha's Kitchen and Martha Stewart Living . I decided to compile clips of the former show on one page for you to enjoy.  The classic segments below, from Martha Stewart Living Television, bring us main courses and sides that have become favorites.  What I love about going back to these clips is that so much of the content is evergreen and wonderfully produced; one can still learn so much from them.  I'm hoping that in the near future the vast archives of Martha Stewart Living Television become available to everyone who wants access them.  In the meantime, let's enjoy the segments we do have access

Millet Muffins

Millet muffins are delicious to have for breakfast with a cup of coffee or in the afternoon with a pot of tea.  This ancient grain which has been around for thousands of years brings a nutty flavor & a pleasant crunch to a muffin batter made with brown sugar, a small amount of butter, good quality flour and the freshest of eggs.  A muffin with a light crumb, delicate texture and a perfectly domed top is what this recipe is all about.  Using the easy muffin method to mix the batter allows one to whip up a batch of these treats in a matter of minutes.  This technique requires nothing more than adding dry ingredients to one bowl and mixing in the wet ingredients until incorporated.  There is no need for creaming butter & sugar in a mixer and having a dozen bowls for this recipe.  I do find that toasting the millet in a dry pan brings out the essence of the grain, so it's a step I highly recommend you not omit.  Adding a bit of low fat sour cream not only enhances the flav

Enjoying a Mango

How does one describe the virtues of a mango?  Silky smooth in texture, exotically citrusy & floral in scent, and sweet with just a hint of sour in the background is how I would attempt to do so.  Plentiful and ripe at the moment, these tropical fruits come in several varieties.  It seems that mangoes are available year round, but not all types are in season every month of the year.  Grown in several parts of the world, the ones we consume the most here in the United States come from the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America.  It's fun to try different types whenever they're available at the markets, because each one has just a slightly different flavor and texture.  Although I will eat just about any mango, I do seem to be partial to champagne mangoes (Ataulfo) which come from Mexico; they are the smallest of all mangoes.  Every mango has a large seed at its core, but the champagne ones have the smallest, giving one more fruit to enjoy.  Mangoes can be