Martha by Mail ~ Sunflower & Papillon Cookie Cutters

A large sunflower & fluttering papillon can be baked, decorated and gifted for a special someone celebrating an event this spring or summer using these beautiful cookie cutters from the former Martha by Mail catalog.  Handmade with pride & loving care by one of America's best coppersmiths, the oversized, solid copper cutters are unique in every way.  A large, comfortable handle is forged onto the backs of the images with the appropriate name - Sunflower & Papillon.  For me, these particular cutters call to mind a rolling meadow filled with endless flowers, a multitude of wildlife and gorgeous views.

Mark that special occasion, such as Mother's Day, a wedding reception, a sweet sixteen, a graduation, a garden party or even a birthday, with a few or several dozen of these wonderful cookies.  Delight your loved ones, guests and recipients with one of a kind creations this season.

For the baker & collector.



"Transform cookies into pretty butterflies and flowers (or suns) with techniques and recipes in our Creating Cookies Booklet.  Experiment with icing techniques for different effects; use leaf tips for petals.  To make butterfly wings "flutter", score cookie dough down the center before baking.  As soon as it comes out of the oven, cut cookie in half.  Let cool; decorate halves.  Working on waxed paper, prop each half against an overturned bowl so wings are elevated with centers 1/4" apart on waxed paper.  Pipe thick royal icing between them, joining halves; let dry at least 6 hours."