Mother's Day

Let's not forget that Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th.  I hope you mark the day for your mother or for the mothers in your life with something from the heart that speaks of your appreciation & love.  The occasion calls for honoring mothers who have not only given us life & unconditional love, but who have also provided sage advice and undying support throughout our lives.

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I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful mothers.  My dear mother and mother-in-law are certainly among the best of the best, as you can probably imagine, but what son or daughter wouldn't say that about their own mother?  The ladies in my life who have raised children or who are currently doing so are among the strongest women I know.  I applaud them.  I truly love each & every one of them.  To the mothers who are no longer in my life, both friends & family, the love I had for them is steadfastly held close to my heart; they are never forgotten.  I honor & love you. 

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I'm very close to my own mother and I'm grateful every single day of my life that I can pick up the phone and talk to her whenever I choose.  Although she lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast, there isn't a day that goes by without our conversing with one another.   Mom, I love you.  I always have.  I always will.

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To mothers around the world,
Happy Mother's Day!