Chipwiches are just the thing to serve for dessert when you're having a barbecue on any given summertime weekend.  Such a simple thing to make for the busy host, all one needs to assemble these treats is a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies and some of your favorite vanilla ice cream.   You can certainly try different ice creams like chocolate, mint-chocolate chip, cherry, soy, yogurt or any of the varieties your family & friends like.  What I would suggest is baking some chocolate chip cookies the day before your barbecue (they have to be homemade!) and then simply putting the sandwiches together the morning of your feast.  Leave a tray of them in the freezer and watch as they disappear the moment you serve them.  Take a peek at how quickly these can be put together.

The Ultimate Chipwich

This is all you need to make the most delectable chipwiches.  Of the utmost importance is using high quality ice cream and having a batch of my Best Chocolate Chip Cookies at the ready.  Flip one of the cookies upside down and place a generous scoop of ice cream in the center of it (I love vanilla!).  Top with another cookie and press down until the ice cream reaches the edges.  Immediately place it on a rimmed cookie sheet and pop it in the freezer.  Make as many chipwiches as you wish, but make sure you freeze them until completely set before serving them.  This should take about one hour.

Note: these can be assembled several hours ahead of time or the day before.  Cover the cookie sheet well with a double layer of plastic wrap to prevent any freezer burn. 

You can serve them plain (first picture) or you can enhance them with sprinkles, non-pareils or even mini chocolate chips.  Remove the chipwiches from the freezer and quickly roll the edges in your preferred 'sprinkle'.  Serve immediately! 

Deliciously enhanced!

Well, there you have it.  Chipwiches that are loved by kids of all ages are quick to make, delicious to eat and the perfect thing to serve to a crowd of hungry guests at your next get together.  To my mind, these are best served the day they're assembled, but they can be made a day ahead of time as long as they're well wrapped in the freezer.  My chocolate chip cookies are the easiest thing in the world to make, so do make lots.  Aren't you tempted to enjoy a chipwich this weekend?  Have fun making them!


  1. I remember the day I first had a chipwich! I had been eyeing them every day at my zoo classes, and on the last day my mom gave me money to buy one. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Of course it was a little much for an underweight 12-yr-old to consume all at once.

  2. It's amazing how one remembers these things. I think my first chipwich was in elementary school bought from the local convenient store a few blocks from our house. The treat was gone before I got back home!

  3. Can you make these with the sprinkles etc... ahead of time and what if I want to keep some for a few days? Thanks.

  4. DO NOT (!!!) make the chipwiches with the sprinkles ahead of time. If you do, the color will bleed and they will begin to dissolve, making for a not so appealing sandwich. Add them at the last minute--you can set up a small bar with different add-ins for people to choose.

    If you want to keep them for more than a day, just make sure you individually wrap each one in plastic wrap and then wrap them in foil to keep freezer burn to a minimum.



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