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Sweet Treats in March

March flew by in such a whirlwind of activity for me.  I shared several recipes for a few sweets this past month, including delicious cakes, cupcakes and of course, cookies (!) which were well received all around by you and the lucky recipients.  Baking has taken on a much bigger role in my life now because I am supplying a local cafe with my creations.  To be honest, it's been an exhilarating learning process for me having to deal with the consumer and gauging what will sell and what will not.  Everything is in the experimental stages right now and I'm not sure where any of this is going, so I'll take whatever comes my way and make the most of it.  There's so much to do, so much to try and so much to learn.  Let's see where this goes! In the meantime, I do want to go back to the topics I wrote about here on the blog for the month of March.  Let's not waste another moment.   Triple Layer Carrot Spice Cake I LOVE this carrot spice cake a lot.  

Easter Hatchling Cookies

Tweets galore!  An entire flock of pastel-colored cookies recently hatched in my Pennsylvania kitchen just in time for Easter .   The charming little birds are sweet edibles that any child will want to have in his or her Easter basket this holiday.  For those who enjoy baking cookies by the dozens, nothing could be easier than making a large batch of these tiny cutie pies if you happen to have a good recipe for a shortbread or sugar cookie, and a bit of royal icing to give them their wonderful coats.  Adding sanding sugar to gild the lily is well worth the effort, because the whimsical cookies are bound to get lots of buzz with both kids and adults alike once they realize how good they really are. For my Easter Hatchling Cookies I used a favorite shortbread  recipe of mine that was given to me by a dear friend, because it bakes up beautifully.  To make them even more adorable, I iced them, gave them bunny corn beaks, set luster candy eyes on each one and flocked their bodi

Essential Kitchen Electrics

There are a few small electric appliances that I think any well-stocked kitchen should have.  These essentials make prep work easier and more streamlined, especially if one is working with multi-stepped recipes.  In my busy kitchen I rely on some more than others.  What I use depends on what I happen to be cooking or baking on any given day.  All of my appliances are well taken care of and are thoroughly cleaned after every use, with many having their dedicated spaces in my small kitchen.  I try to be as efficient as possible whenever I set out to create or follow a recipe, and thanks to my trusted kitchen electrics I’m able to work in an orderly manner.  I know where my stand mixers are and where my food processors are located, so that at a moment’s notice I can use them and not have to hunt for them. With so many models, makes and brands to choose from, along with many price points, it’s good knowing what to look for.  Many stores have their favorites and push their name or hou