Spring Crocuses

There's nothing like the diminutive beauty of crocuses right at the end of winter.  Some of the first pops of color that spring up for the start of the new season, crocuses always put a smile on my face because they signal change & renewal.  I suppose it's because after having those winter months devoid of a lot of color, that I love having something cheerful to focus my eye on when I look out the window.  If I’m baking a cake or a batch of cookies and I happen to look out from one of my sunny kitchen windows onto those cheerful flowers, it is pure bliss.

Over the weekend it was just that.  Saturday and Sunday afforded us with some magnificent sunny weather and comfortable temperatures, along with the first signs of crocuses around the bases of our trees and across swaths of lawn.  I wasted no time in taking advantage of the splendid weekend, so I went outdoors after finishing my baking and walked around the house.  

Crocus Vernus 

The delicate, lilliputian snowdrops are everywhere in abundance and quite stunning to look at, but it’s the crocuses that really capture my attention.  With shades varying from a creamy white to a dark mauve and everything in between, I can’t help but get down close to observe their gorgeous hues.  I generally leave the flowers to die down after their cycle, but on this particular day, however, I couldn’t help myself to a few blooms to bring indoors.  

With species crocuses being so small to begin with, I didn’t want them to be dwarfed by a vase once I got them in my house.  Some pressed French glass egg cups were just the vessels for these tiny arrangements.  Lined along my kitchen window, they gave us 2 days worth of bloom and color; short-lived, yes, but well worth every moment.  Even our kitty sat down to admire them.  

Take a look at the crocuses around our home.

The base of this linden tree is scattered with crocus flowers.  Although the corms can be clustered very close to each other, these were given plenty of room.

You can see the crocuses sitting upright.  In a few hours, the flowers will open up to reveal splendid lavender petals.

The corms can be planted between the root systems of deciduous trees, because at this time of the year they aren't competing with other plant life for sunlight & nutrients.

These gorgeous flowers are surrounded by an abundance of moss.

If you want drama on your lawn, cluster the corms so that you have a sea of color in the spring.  Isn't this gorgeous?

 Pushing through this bed of ivy, the crocuses put on quite a show for anyone walking by them.

Whether you plant them at the base of a tree or directly onto your lawn, their beauty will reward you with beautiful color.

Simple Beauty

Crocus Arrangements

I used these simple clear glass egg cups for my arrangements.  The cups were filled with cold water and the crocuses were gathered in small bunches.  I was careful not to touch the yellow stamens because they stain anything they come in contact with.

Some flowers are lighter in color than others.  Mixing them makes the arrangements more visually appealing.

 Small, yet elegant.

 The flowers were greatly admired set against this sunny window in my kitchen.

Even my cat, Mistress, enjoyed them over the weekend.

If you’re lucky enough to have crocuses in your yard, go out and admire them now before they’re spent.  Take your camera and get down to photograph these pretties.  You can take gorgeous images of the flowers and make cards for birthdays later on in the year or for a nice Mother’s Day card (Sunday, May 12th!).  

Since crocuses can be grown in just about any part of the United States, as long as the soil is well-draining, plant some in the fall this year so that you can enjoy them next year at the end of winter and into early spring.  There are crocuses that bloom in the fall (colchicum), which should be planted in the spring, if you're interested.  Choose what you want for your yard and plant accordingly.  What I love about crocuses that bloom in the spring is that they can be planted very close to each other or far apart, depending on what you're after.  

I hope you find crocuses as breathtaking as I do.  Get outdoors and enjoy them while they last!



  1. I love the Crocuses around out home too! Your property is stunning and your kitty... Oh, your gorgeous kitty!

    Happy Spring my dear friend!


  2. Crocuses always seem to be a welcoming sight, don't you think? Awww, thanks for mentioning Ms. Kitty. I'll tell her!



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