Cooking with Chef Cyndi

A few years ago I showed you some of friend's amazing cakes.  Chef Cyndi is not only a professional pastry chef, she's also a spokesperson for the markets, Fresh & Easy, which are located on the west coast.  Whenever I'm in the Los Angeles area I always make it a point to visit my dear friend, often times going to a wonderful cafe to chat about what we're up to at the moment.  One of these days I will have to photograph her wonderful sun-filled house that she takes great pride in for you to see.  She's the type of friend who is on speed dial, because she's always willing and able to answer my most pressing questions regarding baking, presentation and other endeavors of mine.  Thank you for putting up with me Cyndi!      

These days if she's not busy catering a large event (for hundreds of people at a time), traveling for a grand store opening or guest staring on morning television shows in Los Angeles, she is taping video  segments for Fresh & Easy.  I'm so happy to bring a few of these videos for you to view here on the blog because they're worth going through.  Tasty recipes, great tips and techniques are what these are all about.  You don't have to live on the west coast to have access to the ingredients on the segments.  Simply use what you have at a store near you and cook accordingly.

Enjoy them!

Almond Crusted Chicken & Tabbouleh

Surf & Turf

Holiday Baking

Additional Videos