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At the end of last year I was asked by Andrew Ritchie of Martha Moments if I would be interested in photographing my collection of Martha by Mail copper cookie cutters for his blog.  Naturally, I agreed, but because the holidays were fast approaching and many things needed to get done, I relayed to him that this would have to wait until January. 

Although I've been showcasing my collection of cookie cutters on this blog as individual sets (I will post the rest throughout the year), never did it cross my mind to display them as a whole collection.  I immediately saw the genius of doing so, because it would most certainly convey some of the splendor of the former Martha by Mail catalog.  After going over my list of cookie cutters, I then went to the "overflow" room where many of my antiques, extras & collectibles are stored & organized.  A list exists because I like to have that information at my fingertips; it's a good idea & a Good Thing for anyone who collects to catalog what one has. 

I then began to map out different ways & locations to shoot the photography.  Would my cutters have looked good set against the walls of the old stone barn on the property or on the winder staircase in the back hall of our house?  Perhaps they would have done equally well on the beautiful antique flooring of the second floor.  I decided on a simple tabletop covered in dark green, European linen set in a room with plenty of sunlight.  During the photo session I realized that only a handful of people would be able to do justice to these images from my collection. 

When I read & glimpsed at what Andrew had done with my photographs, I must say I was touched, gratified and extremely surprised.  How nice to have collaborated like this for a blog post.  How nice that the both of us had the desire to share with you my collection and have a Martha Moment together.  When it comes down to it, isn't this why we blog?  Don't we desire to share information and perhaps teach & inspire?  To share Good Things for a Good Life is certainly a pleasure for me and I know it is for Andrew as well.  Here's to future Good Things for everyone and once again, Thank You Andrew!

This sideways photograph shows several sets grouped together.

As Andrew stated, these happen to be my favorite cutters from the oversized ones.  I love anything with a chicken motif and the "hatching bunny" is just too adorable.  Keep an eye out for them this spring.

The valuable Tom Turkey & Chubby Pumpkin cutters will most certainly be a future blog post.

Beautiful, gleaming works of art that I'm proud to own.


  1. David - I wonder if you could tell me what stamp or marking is on your four ornament cookie cutters? I have the same set and I'm trying to resolve what the correct stamp is. Finding information online is tough, but I came across your beautiful collection, and thought I'd ask. Thanks so much!

  2. I will have a look at them shortly and will tell you. I seem to recall that they did not have any stamp on them whatsoever, but I'll doublecheck!


  3. OK CLH, I looked at my set of Victorian Ornament Cutters and none of them have any stamps at all. They are riveted without any markings. I believe the last few sets of copper cutters that were offered through the Catalog for Living didn't come with any stamps on them. This could be because coppersmith Michael Bonne was no longer producing them for MBM. I hope this helps!

  4. David, Thank you so much for taking the time to look. This ties in with some additional information that I have. Incidentally, two of my cutters have "BMC" stamped on the inside, the other two do not. (Boston Mountain Copper - now also gone.) So, the mystery is solved! Thank you also for your blog - now that I've found it I look forward to your posts! Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

  5. Oh wow, I didn't even look on the inside of the cutters!! Now I'll have to. Boston Mountain Copper does sound familiar to me...I think I used to see their cutters at various kitchenwares stores here in Philadelphia. How sad that they're gone. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones too!



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