Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Conversation heart candies have been a part of Valentine's Day for as long as we can remember.  As a kid I used to love giving them out to my classmates every single February 14th, and because I had a sweet tooth, I couldn't wait to devour mine as soon as we emptied our Valentine baskets in class.  It's been decades since I've eaten a conversation heart candy, but it's been only a few hours since I created my very own in cookie form.

Sugar Cookies on Wedgwood Queen's Ware & Platinum Scroll

For purists who will tell me that these are not true conversation heart colors, it is true, they are not.  I departed from the original pastel hues of the diminutive sweets because I wanted bright reds and pinks for the cookies, and the lettering was done in pure white icing using either all-caps, lower case or cursive.  

Luv U & Be Mine

Keeping the phrases to a simple few words, I made several dozen of these conversation heart sugar cookies just in time for Valentine's Day.

Conversation Heart & Swiss Dot Cookies

As one who likes to keep things simple, I outlined and flooded cookies in three colors: Chefmaster "Super Red", Chefmaster "Fuchsia" and Americolor "Electric Pink".  I love 'electric pink' because it gives that deep bubble-gum pink that is so desirable this time of year.  

Tell someone you love them.

Once the royal icing base has completely dried, pipe the phrases you wish to convey to your loved ones in cursive, all-caps or in lower case.  If you're unsure about what you want to write and how you want to do it, I suggest practicing on a cookie sheet before doing so.  Check the consistency of your icing so that it holds its shape and flows through the tube properly.  

Conversation heart phrases can be cute and classic, they can be a bit suggestive and randy, or they can be shortened into text form.  Although I didn't photograph every single cookie this time around, here are some of the things I wrote:

  • LUV U

An updated and contemporary take on conversation hearts a la Good Things by David can easily be done by beginner and professional cookie crafters.  Be patient with writing on cookies because it can be intimidating at first.  As long as the icing base is completely dry on the cookie, the consistency of the icing in your piping bag or bottle is correct, and you have a steady hand (people who have seen me decorate firsthand have said that I have the steadiness of a surgeon; I beg to differ), piping your conversations will be accomplished effortlessly.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Your cookies are always masterpieces and I agree with your friends that you must have the steadiness of a surgeon. Do you use one of those tiny projectors to 'shadow' the type or do you do it all freehand? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jo,

      Thank you for liking the cookies! As much as I've wanted to get a decorating projector, I have yet to invest in one. These cookies were done freehand.

      Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I am so grateful to have found your blog! I have literally been misty over some of your work! I was wondering if, from your previous post, knew how to get in touch to buy items from Mr. Boone? I am wanting to get a bee hive and bee cutter from him. Please keep posting… so I can keep admiring! Thank you for your time and help!


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