St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Cookies

Cookies in the shapes of cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day are now yours.  All you need is a cupcake-shaped cookie cutter, baked & cooled cookies, and some tinted royal icing.  If you happen to have green nonpareils or some shamrock candies to attach to the cookies, even better.  As you probably already know, I like to keep cookie designs simple because it makes my job of creating dozens upon dozens much easier.

Set in jadeite glass boxes, an array of cookies can be displayed for your family's St. Patrick's Day dinner.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Cookies

The colors of the Irish flag became the inspiration for the cupcakes pictured above.  

Royal Icing Technique

On a baked cookie, outline and flood the white "cupcake liner" using white royal icing and a #4 piping tip as shown.  Using orange royal icing and a #3 piping tip, outline and flood the swirled section of frosting as shown.  Outline and flood the section of leaf-green royal icing as shown using a #3 piping tip.  Here's the trick.  Let these sections dry before you pipe the white sections.  This is how you create those distinct sections of royal icing on any cookie.

Cookies in Jadeite

When you pipe the sections of white icing on the cookie, carefully attach a shamrock candy at the tops of the cupcakes, and then pipe lines for the fluted sections of the paper cup liners.  

If you wish, you can sprinkle green nonpareil candies on the white sections to create a different look.  The cupcake liners can be varied in color or design according to taste.  I like the jadeite green ones.

Some cookies were given green and white swirls of icing. 

Leprechaun Sugar Cookies

If you haven't figured it out, the cupcake cookie cutter can also be used to make these leprechaun cookies. Simply flip the cookie upside down and decorate the adorable face of this leprechaun as shown.  I made them last year, but failed to add noses to them.  This year small beads of ivory-colored icing were piped onto the faces with great success.  

Even if you don't have any time to make St. Patrick's Day cookies this year, bookmark this page for future use. Make sure that each cookie is colorful, tasty and packaged in a clear cellophane bag for gift giving.  Whether you choose to tie the bag with a green ribbon, a rainbow ribbon or one with shamrocks on it, the little treats are going to be devoured by kids and adults.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!