Martha by Mail ~ Sugar Squirrel & Mighty Acorn Cookie Cutters

With Fall right in our midst, sugar squirrels and acorns abound in the landscape.  These gigantic copper cutters from Martha by Mail capture the adorable images of a fuzzy-tailed squirrel and one of its favorite nuts.  Skillfully made by one of this country's best coppersmiths, the cutters are unique in every which way.  They are such a pleasure to use because they produce such large, beautiful cookies (approximately 8" each); there is plenty of space for every baker's creativity.  If you happen to own a pair of these cutters or know someone that does, take them out of storage and start baking batches of these marvelous cookies for your loved ones (sugar cookies are ideal).  Let the images below, from the Martha by Mail catalog, guide you in decorating the cookies or simply let your artistry take over.  Thank you Martha & the designers of the former Martha by Mail catalog for giving us such beautiful works of art.  Cheers!

To give squirrels a fall fur coat, brush baked cookies with egg white, sprinkle with sugar, let dry, and shake off excess sugar.

A smooth dry royal icing base makes a perfect polished nut.  Dust wet royal icing with sugar to give the acorn cap a rough natural texture.  Just for fun, pipe on a plaid.

The Mighty Acorn

Sugar Squirrel


Handle Side (Sugar Squirrel)

Cutter Side

Handle Side (Mighty Acorn)

Cutter Side



  1. Hi David, would you ever consider selling these cutters? Also, if you want to use a copper cleaning product on them, what do you recommend?

  2. Steven,
    To answer your first question I would have to give a most emphatic, NO! I can't imagine getting rid of my cookie cutters. If you click on the "Caring for Copper" link I provide in the posting, you will see how I clean & polish my cutters. On occasion, however, I do use a cleaning paste. My favorite is made by MAAS. It works on copper & silver, and is pretty gentle.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I have the squirrel and acorn much are they worth ? They make a huge cookie so they never get used.

  4. Dave, that depends on their condition. Are they still in their original box & do they include the decorating booklet as well as the decorating card? If so, they are worth a considerable sum. Many of the larger cutters are being listed on Ebay for $200 plus in mint condition. Whether they sell at that price or not is another story.


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