Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Little Lion

The passing of a loved one is never an easy thing to go through.  As much as we think we can prepare for it, it is not easy.

Our beloved Lion passed away this morning in our home as peacefully and as gently as he lived his life.  Having had everything his way and on his own terms these past eighteen years, our baby decided that it was time to go.  As much as I wanted to bottle up his love, soul and affection, and keep it forever, I knew that I too had to let go and make my peace.  It's difficult to put into words how upsetting this is for us.

Isn't it always the case that we feel as if we are going to have our babies forever?  That the affection and unconditional love they give us each and every day, will be there for us day in and day out?  I can't believe that the little kitten we adopted back when we moved into our first home is no longer with us.  

Two days before he passed away, Lion took a small stroll outside and sat on the driveway for a couple of minutes.  It seemed as if he were taking a final look at his territory, the beautiful kingdom we were able to provide for him.  I know deep down that he was happy with the good, long life that was his.

Our house is empty now of the sounds of his little feet walking on the hardwood floors, or of them going up the old pumpkin pine staircase for bedtime.  No longer will I have Lion's furry little face and whiskers waking me up in the morning to tell me that he's hungry.  The companion that sat on my husband's lap during tea and purred for minutes on end, is but a sweet memory that will endure in our hearts forever.

The comfort that we take at this moment, however, is with the fact that we gave Lion one of the best lives anyone could have had.  

Our home that always provided him with love, nourishment and boundless devotion, was his for the taking.  I am honored that Lion gave us so much unconditional love. 

Lion: 10/1/1999 - 8/11/2017

Lion was our king.  

He will be greatly missed.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Farm Fresh Eggs

Life seems so much better with farm fresh eggs, don't you think?  The day I arrived back from my trip to California, I had a text message from my friend and neighbor, Luke, saying that he had a little surprise for me.  The airplane was literally taxiing down the runway when I got his message.  I told him to stop by the house later that afternoon after I had settled back home and unpacked.  

When he arrived I noticed that he had a small bounty of vegetables from his garden in one hand, and an egg carton in the other.  He said that they were small gifts from his home that he hoped I would enjoy.  I was really touched at such a thoughtful gift.  

I knew that Luke was a kindred spirit the moment I opened the egg carton. The multi-colored, farm fresh eggs from his chickens were absolutely beautiful and simply perfect.  I began asking him about his animal husbandry, and came to find out that his flock of chickens were just getting started.  I also asked if his starter chicks had come from Murray McMurray Hatchery.  As soon as I said that, Luke's eyes narrowed and he asked, "how did you know?".  I responded with, "Martha Stewart".  We had quite a chuckle at this because he said that he had no idea she ordered her chickens from them.  Small world!

Araucana Eggs & Jadeite Glass

His "Easter Eggers" from Murray McMurray include Bantams, Araucanas (hence the green-colored eggs), Ameraucanas, Faverolles, and several others. I'm so happy that I now have a weekly standing order of freshly-laid eggs from Luke.  My baking and my cooking is going to be that much better because of these eggs.  I can't thank my friend enough for his generosity and for his animal husbandry endeavors! 

I wasted no time in utilizing several eggs for a chocolate cake straight out of Martha Stewart's 'Cake' book.

As much as I like the convenience of organic, cage-free eggs from the supermarket, nothing beats getting eggs straight from the source or from a farmers market.  I try my best to get the best of the best for my cooking and baking, so it's good to know that my eggs will now come from my neighbor's chickens.  Not to worry readers, I've already asked Luke if I could visit his chickens and blog about them in the near future.  Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!