Pressing Men's Ties

Guys, do you ever press your ties and keep them shapely in between dry cleaning?  You should.  It's always rather annoying when one is knotting a tie only to find that it's wrinkled.  Although some people roll their ties for storage, I like to hang mine from a tie rack.  Even with careful handling, ties will become wrinkled and unsightly after repeated use.  Pressing them with your steam iron not only makes them look crisp and good, it also makes the wearer more professional, polished and put together. 

Here's a small sample of ties that need attention. 

I'm pointing at those stubborn wrinkles that are formed around the knot.  They must be pressed out.

Lay your tie flat on your ironing board. If your ties are silk (let's hope they are), you must set your iron to the appropriate temperature.  Since I use the steam function, I make sure to fill the water reservoir.

I use a handkerchief or a clean linen napkin to cover the tie.  You don't want the iron to make direct contact with your silk fabric or you risk glazing it.  This is very important.

Make sure your iron is set appropriately.  Move the iron along the length of the tie slowly.  When you get to the areas in question, stop your iron and press the steam button.  This burst of steam will surely get the wrinkles out.

This is a different tie that I've just finished.  It is flat, wrinkle-free and perfect. 

Pressing your ties before special events, interviews or even for everyday work, makes a big difference.  Nobody wants to wear a tie that says frumpy and uncouth.  Take the time to keep your silk ties looking their best.  Not only is this a good thing, it's also a good habit to get into if you find yourself with a collection of ties.  Start pressing!


  1. I think it's not nice to see a guy wearing a crumpled tie. When you wear tie then it should be neat and properly tied.

  2. I totally agree with you that we should not wear ties without pressing because it reduce our personality instead of give us attractive look.


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