Martha by Mail ~ Owl & Bat Cookie Cutters

Now that Halloween is right around the corner, let's scare up some wonderful cookies in these adorable shapes.  The American-made solid copper cutters were part of the Martha by Mail catalog beginning in the late 90s.  Designed for Halloween, these large (almost 8" in size) creatures provide bakers with a large canvas on which to decorate.  If you're lucky enough to own a set of these collector's items, make several spooky cookies for special trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.  There happen to be a few little ghouls and goblins in my family who would enjoy having a few of these this Halloween, so I'm going to start baking very soon.

A photo from the Martha by Mail catalog.  The bat is covered in black royal icing & is flocked with ink black sanding sugar.  Simple white dots make up the eyes.  The sugar cookie owl is given a coffee-colored head, small tufted ears, two giant round eyes & a quadrilateral beak.  Dark chocolate wings are flooded with icing and white dots are piped around their perimeter.  With a toothpick, the dots are dragged & given the appearance of bleeding hearts.  Truly unique.

The back side of the cutters have large handles with appropriate names for each creature.  If your cutters need a bit of polishing (these do!), follow my directions.

Catalog # KMB 006 

Great Owl 

Belfry the Bat

This image from Martha Stewart Living shows an array of chocolate & gingerbread flavored bats decorated with royal icing.  Eerie, spooky & positively delicious. 

These wise feathered friends are keeping each other company high atop a branch.  With their giant eyes they can see everything down below.  As the picture suggests, the owls can be as whimsical and interpretive as you want them to be. 



  1. I love these cutters! Have you seen how expensive they are on Ebay? Goodness! Wish I would have had the forethought to purchase a few when they were originally avail. cp

  2. They are very expensive on Ebay (gasp!) and are certainly collector's items. Why do you think I take such good care of them? Thanks for stopping by CP!



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