Cleaning Stained Cups

It happens to all of us who drink coffee or tea from teacups, mugs or cafe au lait bowls.  The inevitable stains that seem to cling onto the insides and lips of cups that even dishwashers have a hard time removing are never nice.  It's always unsightly whenever one reaches into a cupboard to grab a mug only to find these vessels hopelessly stained.  Even if you have a mug at work to enjoy a hot beverage in the afternoon, a simple rinsing and washing may not be enough to remove that film of tea or coffee.  Don't be the person at the office who has "that mug".  You know the ones!

There is an easy solution to keep these problematic areas clean both at work and at home.  I have many cups made from earthenware, ceramic, bone china and porcelain which get used on a daily basis, so I understand the frustration of having to deal with this problem.  Believe me, there have been times when I've been rushed to put a cup away from the dishwasher & have failed to check for stains.  It only becomes apparent when I'm ready to fill a cup with tea the next time I use it.  

It's easy to keep your cups absolutely clean and ready for your every day sipping or for those moments when you have unexpected company popping in for a "cuppa".

Stained cups are not very pretty are they?  These cups were pulled out of the dishwasher and were still covered in a film of tea & coffee!  Whether you have expensive porcelain cups or inexpensive ceramic mugs with a favorite sport logo, they can be cleaned in the same manner.

Baking Soda!  Wet the insides of the cups/mugs and sprinkle each with about 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda.  Add a bit of water to the bottom, just enough to make a paste.
Using a non-scratching sponge, begin to wipe the paste all around the areas with stains.  You should immediately see them disappear.  Make sure you get around the lip of the cup as well.  When you're done, thoroughly rinse under hot water to remove every trace of baking soda.  

 Bright & clean cups are better than stained ones.  It's amazing what a little baking soda can do to spruce up a cup. 

This type of cleaning takes no time at all and it's something we should be mindful of if we do drink coffee or tea.  It's so much nicer using a cup that is perfectly clean and free of stains no matter how humble the cup may be.  Take a few moments to go through the cups in your cupboard.  If you find a streak here or there, use a little baking soda along with some water.  Clean & rinse them well.  What could be easier?