High Five Cookies

If you know of someone who deserves a high five in some special way, then look no further.  I recently created a set of High Five Cookies for my darling niece as a way to tell her that she had done a good job.  Since I couldn’t be there to actually give her a High Five in person, uncle David set out to make her some of the best cookies which conveyed my sentiments.    I know that she raves about the cookies I send her throughout the year, so recently, when she requested some cookies from me, I knew just what I was going to do to mark the occasion.

Something tells me that she’s going to love what I created out of the best Heirloom Sugar Cookie Recipe and the tastiest Royal Icing!

Making the cookies was quite special, because the dough was cut out by 3 separate cookie cutters that were given to me by 3 different friends scattered throughout the country.  These three individuals have expressed their sentiments regarding my niece and I can assure you that their heartfelt well wishes have been heard by my entire family.  

It was only natural to create the High Fives using the best cookie cutters.  The large heart in hand was given to me by my friend Janet, in North Carolina, the small hand was given to me by my friend Aurelia, in Missouri, and that diminutive heart was given to me by my friend Paula, in Georgia.  I cherish all of these cookie cutters and always will, because they were given to me with good intentions.  Thank You, Paula, Janet & Aurelia for being so thoughtful and generous with your gifts.  These cookies would not have been possible without your kindness.

Create some High Five Cookies of your own for someone special who deserves it.  They will adore these treats to no end.

Cut and bake your cookies and then set out to make the royal icing.  You can tint the cookies any shade you want; that's part of the fun of cookie decorating.  For these I chose shades of pink.  Notice how I'm outlining the cookie with a bead of icing in order to contain the icing which will later flood it. 

Using the same icing, squiggle some and fill in the area of the hand.  At this point, I haphazardly fill in the gaps and use a toothpick to coax the icing if I see any tiny spaces which haven't been filled.  A good royal icing will settle into the crevices as the cookie sits.

If you're interested in seeing the tools I used to make these cookies, stay tuned for a future post about them.

You can see what I mean by randomly adding icing to the palm of the hand.  The fingers, however should be iced with care.  

With a small offset spatula, smooth out the icing around the palm of the hand.  You don't have to be too meticulous, because the tiny baked sugar cookie hand from the Martha by Mail ~ Baby Shower Set is going to get appliquéd onto the palm of the larger hand (mimicking the high five!).

Note: in order for these two cookies to work, you have to flip the small baked hand upside down so that the thumbs line up on both hands.  If you click on the link above, you will notice that the small hand bakes cookies with the thumb on the right-hand side.  It's a simple solution.

Once you've 'glued' the small hand onto the large hand, flock the cookie with fine sanding sugar.  Leave the small heart in the hand uniced for now.

I highly recommend that you do any flocking of sanding sugar or nonpareils while the cookies rest on a cooling rack set inside a rimmed baking sheet.  This will contain the sugar that doesn't adhere to the iced cookies which can get reused.  No waste!

Using a different shade of pink, pipe a bead of icing around the outline of the small hand and flood it.  Using that uber-collectible Mini Heart Cookie Cutter (click on the link to purchase yours today!), apply baked heart cookies onto the hand.

Go back and ice the heart between the thumb and forefinger with the same pink icing.  Using the pink icing of the large hand, ice the tiny hearts.  Flock those with a corresponding sanding sugar or some nonpareils.

Do you see what I've done?  Some large hands get flocked with sanding sugar and others get flocked with nonpareils.  The small hand giving the high five, along with the tiny hearts get flocked with the alternate sugar or candy.  This gives contrast in look and texture.

 Let the cookies dry completely before packaging them up.

From these spools of colorful ribbons I chose a pink one for my niece.  Each cookie was slipped into a large cellophane bag that was filled with crinkle paper.  The crinkle paper provided a cushion and support for shipping.

My ribbon of choice was an adorable one which said: "love you to pieces".  I think my little one is going to like these cookies.  Let's hope!  

High Five Cookies


  1. While it's difficult to type through my tears of joy for your niece, I'll do my best...

    First, sending your darling niece my best and heartfelt congratulations on the news of her remission. To say that she did an amazing job and deserves a million sweet High-Fives for her endurance and strength is an understatement. You've worried and you've prayed and you've been there for her like only you could be, David - Therefore, I'm sending you my own High-Five!

    I've long wondered how you would put this cutter to use and now that I know, I cannot think of a better use for it than this occasion. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and thank you for including me in this post!

    Much love and with gratitude for your niece's recovery from childhood cancer,


  2. Thank YOU for your prayers and well wishes!! It means the world to us.

  3. Much like Janet... I have tears.. You are such an inspiration to me. Truly.. a very special inspiration. I'm so touched by your kindness - and knowing all the love that went into every cut out cookie and every drop of royal icing.
    I need more Kleenex.

  4. What a great way to celebrate David, in so many ways, to celebrate your niece and your lovely friends who gave you these cookie cutters. The final cookies are beautiful and such a clever idea. I'm sure that they will be admired and then eaten with great joy! xx

  5. Thanks guys! I really did give these cookies all I had and I was actually humbled by how they came together. It was a group effort! :)



  6. Beautiful cookies for a wonderful occasion! Congrats to your niece ��

    Love the ribbon you used and would love a link (or hint) for that too. Please and thanks!

    Found your blog thru Janet and really enjoy both of you!

  7. Thanks HV Mom!

    You know, that ribbon is part of a set from Paper Source. They may have it online, so go to the store and see if they do.

    Thanks for the kind words!!! Do try making these cookies if you get the chance. :)

  8. What a creative way to show your love to your little girl! She is going to love those cookies, Uncle David!
    I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for her triumph over cancer. In this sad world of so many losses, it's encouraging to hear of a success story, especially by one so young.
    I think you, and your entire family, deserves a sweet high five!
    Well done. <3

  9. Thank You Nancy for your kind words, because they mean the world to me and my family!!

    I do think my little one is going to love them as soon as she gets a chance to have one.

    Feeling the <3 Nancy! :)


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