How'd You Do That?

The blog, How'd You Do That?, is always inspirational to me because it is written from the heart.  Blogging colleague and friend, Joy, really dedicates time and care into her posts, and if you take a moment to go through her blog, you will see that it shows.  Her blog started off as a private blog for family members so that she could keep in touch with those who aren't near her, but at some point a few years ago, Joy decided to take it live.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Over a conversation last week I came to find out that Joy was contemplating ending the blog.  After giving it more thought and some much needed encouragement, she has decided to keep going!  I am so glad because Joy is a true inspiration to me, her family and her readers.  Not only does she blog about her baking, crafting, collections, decorating ideas and her family, but she volunteers and gives back to her community when she has the time.  This is one of the things that I truly admire about Joy.  She isn't apprehensive about giving back.

If you must know, although I have been planning to showcase my favorite blogs for several months, it is because of Joy that I decided now would be the perfect time. 

Joy and her family live in the beautiful state of Idaho near the Snake River. She has a year-round stream which runs through her property, where recently, some mallards decided to winter with their little babies.  She says that very soon they will leave the area, but will undoubtedly return at the end of the year when they migrate back.  A wife, mother and grandmother, Joy always finds the time to do a little something to spruce up her home.  Whether she's setting a nice table with pretty china and silverware, baking a cake or a set of cookies for her loved ones, Joy manages to always put in the extra effort in the details.     

Take a look at some of her wonderful posts.  

click on the link to view her blog

These vintage-inspired towels are whimsical, fun and so easy to make.  Click on the link to see how Joy made them.

The rustic edge of burlap is perfect for outdoor furniture.  These handmade monogram pillows look like something out of a high-end catalog.  I love them!

When I saw this project that Joy took on, I knew she had an eye for good things.  Do you see her beautiful collection of Danish Fern by Burleigh Ware?  It's a gorgeous set of brown transferware from England that she uses during the fall.  It's nice to see her Thanksgiving table decor neatly organized.  A kindred spirit indeed.

Rustic, vintage, classic.  This type of sign looks like it belongs on a farm with an old barn.  Again, this project is easy to do if you follow Joy's instructions.

I could probably devour 4 of these without even thinking.  Don't they look delicious?

When I asked Joy about her experience blogging, this is what she had to say: "I love the blogging community for their generosity of spirit and sharing of ideas. I think I will keep blogging my life until the time that it becomes a job instead of an extension of myself.  There is an innate loveliness in finding online friends all over the country who are from all different backgrounds, experiences, etc. but share the commonality of blogging, a great electronic community and I for one am proud to be a part of this community."

Please keep on blogging and inspiring me, as well as your readers.

Thank You, Joy!  


  1. David I am so honored that a blogger and person of your quality would see fit to feature my little blog on your wonderful blog. Thank you so very much. I think we need to invent a new word for friends who become friends across the miles without meeting one another or talking to one another. As C.S. Lewis said “Friendship is born at that moment when one man (or women, I just added this) says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ."” I guess the lesson here is we are not alone as long as we are in contact with like minded friends. Thank you so much. j.

  2. Joy, I feel like we've known each other for years! In fact, I can recall you being one of my earliest readers, which I've never forgotten. To have you be the first blogger on my list of Inspirational Blogs is a pleasure, because I know that your sincerity, kindness and spirit come from a good place.

    Take a moment, Joy to pat yourself on the back. YOU are an inspiration to me.

    Much Love,

  3. How nice. There are a few blogs I currently follow. And it will be fun to include this one as well. Looking forward to reading more to come.

  4. Great Coco!! By the way, I haven't forgotten you. I still owe you a list via email. ;)

  5. Thank you for sharing this great blog! I will put it on my reading list for sure. Love the burlap pillows!

  6. Aren't those pillows nice, Kenn? I'm so glad you like Joy's blog! :)

  7. The Armoire is fabulous - thanks for the link.

  8. David, that pillow project is PERFECT for someone like me! I love to sew when I have time and I like burlap but have never figured out what to do with it. Thank you Joy for giving me this idea. I'm now going to follow her blog.


  9. Joy has a lot of creativity in her. I hope you follow her blog!


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