March Is In Like a Lion

March is in like a lion by sending us another snow storm today. It's something that we knew was coming, but by this point it's just another day for us. Perhaps we're going to be granted warmer weather and beautiful flowers this spring after winter decides to go away. That's what I'm hoping for at least, and I'm sure that you'll agree with me if you live here in the northeast when I say that enough is enough.

Needless to say, we're trapped in our home today and quite possibly through tomorrow until the driveway gets plowed.  In the meantime, we're staying indoors because it hasn't stopped snowing.  The photos and snippet of video I took for you this morning show you the white winter we're having in March.  

Stay warm, cook something delicious to warm your soul and if you can manage it, bake a treat or two to make you smile.  We have to do something other than lament about the weather, right?  

I took this photograph with my phone yesterday as a thick blanket of fog was rolling in before the snow.  It's amazing what only a few hours will do.

By early this morning, the beech trees along the driveway in front of our home looked stunning with their snow-covered branches.

From our back porch, this bittersweet nightshade shrub looks like a sculpture to me.  Click on the video below to hear the birds and see what it's like.

Beautiful Snow

This area behind our home is a favorite spot for the foxes and deer because of the privacy it affords them.

 If you were to walk down that snowy path you'd end up crossing a small bridge leading to the spring house.  The snow is too deep for me to even contemplate that right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a bench there buried in the snow. 

Here I am standing under the front porch looking up toward the driveway.  Can you make out the mound on the right?  That's the car...

If you've seen the movie 'Frozen' (and let's face it, who hasn't?), can't you almost imagine a sled coming down the driveway with Sven, Kristoff and Anna?

 Believe it or not, those fronds that you see poking out of the snow are the wonderful ostrich ferns and to the right of that, is a stretch of beautiful forsythia.  I'm waiting patiently for them.

 Let's hope this is it!  No more snow!

Once I came back inside I began to crave some curry to warm us up.  I've been making Masoor Dal for many years now, straight out of a book by Madhur Jaffrey.  Over time the recipe has been changed quite a bit to suit my tastes, but the basics are still the same.  There is nothing like a fragrant Indian curry to warm the soul.  Delicious!

 Should I bake something too?  Perhaps a baker's dozen of my chocolate chip cookies?

A reader and friend from Ohio, Jeremy, took advantage of the cold weather and baked my chocolate chips yesterday.  Don't these look marvelous?    

We're almost done with this dreadful winter.  Let's just hope that March is out like a lamb, because I am ready for spring.  In the meantime:

Stay warm! 


  1. It is like Narnia David! - therefore you might want to make some Turkish delight to match the theme :-)

  2. Ha! Yes, it kind of is like a scene out of Narnia. As much as I would like to welcome the Snow Queen and nibble on some Turkish delight, I'm through with winter! I say, bring on spring and summer!

  3. David I know it has been such a long hard winter but here on the other side of the continent we have had the opposite and wouldn't you know (we humans are never completely happy) I would like your view today as I feel like we have missed winter. However, the mallards who winter in the little creek behind our house have been here much longer so that's a big plus - lots of babies this year. The cookies look great, good job, great recipe. Stay warm and wait for the sound of the plow.....xoxo, j.

  4. Thank You Joy!!! Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

    I hope you enjoy watching the mallards grow and thrive! :)

  5. Gosh David, you can't seem to get a break up north. I know you probably hate people telling you this but the snow does look beautiful. We haven't seen any snow where I live this winter. I'll just enjoy looking at your nice photos for now.

  6. OK Brian, I do have to agree with you that the snow does look beautiful no matter how much I'm over it. I'd be more than happy to ship you the whole batch if I could get away with it.... Hopefully you'll enjoy the photos of what the place will look like in the coming weeks.

    Take Care,

  7. Could also be a scene from the Shining! David if Jack Nicholson peaks around the corner and say ........ Here's Johnny!
    Run!!!! Lol
    It is beautiful tho.

  8. Hey David,

    I'm a brand new reader, all the way from south Louisiana. Your pictures remind me of my FAVORITE Robert Frost poem, Stopping by Wood on a Snowy Evening.

  9. Amy, thanks for stopping by the blog!

    You know, I'm not familiar with that Robert Frost poem. I'm going to have to look it up!

    Have a good weekend and thank you!


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