The Ultimate Spice Rack

Many of you are familiar with the iconic Martha by Mail spice rack that was available through the catalog back in the late 90s.  I wrote about the one in my kitchen several years ago, and quite a few collectors that I know of were fortunate enough to have bought one when they were available. People continue to enjoy those beautiful spice racks in their kitchens to this day! They are timeless, heirloom-quality pieces that will continue to be collectors items due to their beauty and fine craftsmanship.

I thought that the seventy-spices rack was the last word on spice organization, but I was proven wrong fairly recently.  About month ago, a friend of mine from the midwest commissioned an even larger rack to accommodate the spices that he frequently uses in his catering kitchen (above), from craftsman and friend, Nick Stein.

The finished rack is nothing short of exquisite with its twelve shelves, one hundred and fourteen custom-labeled spice tins made to look like Martha by Mail originals, and its poplar frame construction covered in five coats of paint.

Because of its size and weight, the rack and tins were shipped in two parts. Dennis decided to showcase his ultimate spice rack by hanging it on a wall in the kitchen.  

These drywall anchors meant for elfa shelving were chosen by Dennis for their clean lines and sturdy support.

The spice rack itself measures 48"W x 39"H, and contains 114 spice tins.

What I love about the spice tins is that Nick found a way to make a very good likeness of the original Martha by Mail spice labels, with the differences being that he used a larger font, and smudge resistant label paper.

The Spices: allspice berries (ground & whole), anise-seed, anise star, basil (european & sweet), bavarian seasoning, bay leaf, Bell's seasoning, bradyst cheese sprinkle, caraway seed, cardamom, cayenne pepper, celery flakes, celery salt, celery seed, chervil, chili powder (hot), chili powder (medium), chili powder (mild), chile seasoning, Chinese 5 spice, chipotle chili powder, chives, cilantro, cinnamon, clove (ground & whole), coriander (ground & seed), cream of tartar, cumin (ground & seed), curry, dill seeds, dill weed, fajita spice, fennel seed, fine herbes (chervil, chives, parsley & tarragon), galena st. rib rub, garam masala, garlic (minced), garlic powder, garlic powder (roasted), garlic salt, ginger, gourmet burger seasoning, herbes de provence, horseradish powder, italian blend seasoning, juniper berries, lavender, little italy herbs, mace, maple garlic seasoning, maple & pepper, marjoram, mrs. dash, mrs. dash (table blend), mural of flavor, mulling spices, mushroom powder, mustard (black seed), mustard (brown seed), mustard (yellow seed), mustard (dry), northwoods seasoning, nutmeg, nutmeg (whole), Old Bay seasoning, onion (minced), onion powder (toasted), onion powder (white), oregano, oregano (greek), paprika (sweet), paprika (hot), parsley, pepper (lemon), peppercorns (black), peppercorns (cracked), peppercorns (black ground), peppercorns (black/white), peppercorns (black/white cracked), peppercorns (black/white ground), peppercorns (green), peppercorns (green-ground), peppercorns (pink), peppercorns (pink-ground), peppercorns (white), peppercorns (white-cracked), peppercorns (white-ground), peppercorns (szechuan), peppercorns (tellicherry), four pepper blend, hot pepper flakes, pesto pasta seasoning, pickling spices, poppy seeds, poultry seasoning, pumpkin pie spice, rosemary, saffron, saffron threads, sage, salt (happy), salt (seasoning), sesame seeds (black), sesame seeds (toasted), savory, tarragon, tomato powder, thyme, turmeric.

Here is a sideview of the rack itself.  It makes quite an impressive focal point and statement in the kitchen.

You may not have the room in your kitchen for The Ultimate Spice Rack like my friend Dennis, but what's great is that Nick can custom make a spice rack for you through his Etsy store (Bay Custom Crafts).  I'm so glad that Nick is once again offering his fine craftsmanship, because I get quite a few requests every single year for a spice rack source.

Simply click here to view what Nick has to offer and don't hesitate for one moment to place an order if you're feeling inspired to add a superb spice rack to your kitchen.  Even if you're looking to replace your old, worn down Martha by Mail spice tins, have Nick custom make you a set with fresh, new labels. These racks also make great gifts for the chefs in your life.

Thank you Dennis and Nick for allowing me to showcase your great collaboration!


  1. Oh my goodness David. I would just be overwhelmed with so many spices. How utterly wonderful.


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