American Jadeite: A Facebook Group for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Dear Readers,

I've started a small group on Facebook for collectors of American jadeite, which will encompass American made jadeite from ca. 1930 through present day.  What I want to do with this group is allow us collectors the chance to share our passion for collecting this beautiful glass, whether it's vintage Fire King, McKee, Jeanette, Fenton, or more contemporary Martha by Mail Fenton, L. E. Smith or Mosser Glass.  I think it's important to allow discussion of all jadeite that was produced and is being produced in this country, so that we may help one another in our pursuit of collecting jadeite.  I see no reason to restrict it to one specific era.

Getting emails from enthusiastic readers with questions about their jadeite finds or "mystery pieces" happens on a regular basis.  What I always do in those cases, if I don't have an answer for them, is to turn to my trusted friends who are pros in the realm of collecting jadeite.  Those individuals are now a part of that group, so any questions, dilemmas and identification requests you may have can be posted to the group.  

Beautifully made American jadeite has graced homes for many decades, and my hope is that we continue to promote this green glass for future generations.

Simply click here to request to be a part of that group and start sharing.