That Day in September

The leaves of brown may come tumbling down in September, but for me, it's all about taking down the yellowware bowls from the shelves and giving them a prominent place in my kitchen.  I've told you before that these bowls are among my favorite pieces of stoneware to collect, and to this day, that remains true.  What better time to start using them than now?

September is also the perfect time to begin planning for the Fall and Winter months ahead.  I can already distinguish a few changes in the landscape as I take my walks around our home and throughout the neighborhood.  One may still be harvesting the last of the tomatoes or eggplants from the garden, but if you look up at the trees, at least it is the case here in Pennsylvania, you can already detect changes, however slight, in the foliage.

Yes, the months ahead are going to be very busy for me.  Requests for baby shower cookies are already noted, a Yom Kippur brunch that my friend wants me to help her with is in the works, endless cookies for the cafe are a given, the Halloween treats for my niece and nephews have to be planned,  my dear friend's destination wedding after Christmas that I am flying out to, is already booked! Let us not forget the Fall conundrum that many of us will face: do we host Thanksgiving this year at our home or will we attend someone else's? These are all things on my checklist for the rest of 2017.

More importantly though, is what we plan to honor our dear Lion with at the site of his resting place. I've been sharing my wishes with our gardener as to what I want the area to look like.  Not only do we want perennials so that they bloom year after year, but we really and truly want to capture the spirit and color of our little guy that we loved so much.  I'm thinking of bright-orange azaleas, and perhaps some tiger lilies, but the lively display of the dogwood shrub, 'Anny's Winter Orange' is also something I've been thinking.  Whatever we decide on, September is the month in which to do it.

Have you thought about what you will be doing before the year's end?


  1. Your dishes are endlessly fascinating. I can't imagine changing dish colors by the season, so it is fun to enjoy it vicariously. I'm a cat lover, so my heart goes out to you regarding Lion. Your plans sound lovely. I hope the combination of something beautiful to gaze at and happy memories of your cat will be a source of comfort for you.
    I haven't been following you long enough to know that you supply a local cafe. I took a peek back at older posts, but I don't see the name. Just curious, because I live nearby. They're certainly lucky to tap into your creative baking talents. I'm endlessly dazzled by what you turn out.
    I never seem to think more than a week in advance. Not ready for fall, that's for sure.

    1. Thank you for that! Our Lion meant the world to us, so this is the least we could do for him.

      I don't publish the cafe location here. 😉

      Thanks for liking the blog and for following!!



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