Araucana Egg Sugar Cookies

If you love getting farm fresh eggs from your local farmers market, from a neighbor's coop, or even if you keep your own chickens for their eggs, it's always amazing to behold the range in colors that they come in.  A few of my own friends raise chickens in their backyards and share the bounty with those near them if they aren't using the eggs for cooking or baking.  The commitment it takes to keeping chickens is nothing short of praiseworthy in my opinion.  It is to them that I dedicate this post.

Araucana Egg Sugar Cookies

Over the years I've made many egg-shaped sugar cookies for Easter, but I've never decorated any as gifts for my friends who are into chicken husbandry.  If you have ever seen Araucana eggs, then you know how varied the pastel shades of these eggs can be.  Their colors are made for cookie decorating!

Dozens of Araucana Egg Sugar Cookies

My neighbor Luke who has a weekly standing order from me of at least one to two dozen eggs, never fails to provide.  The Araucana eggs that come to my door are never exactly the same in size or color.  The greens and blues vary from week to week, as do some of the lighter gray, olive and ivory tones from the other breeds.  He is going to get some of these cookies, so don't tell him!

The other recipients of these goodies are friends who are very dear to me.  I plan on getting together with a small group of them who appreciate freshly baked cookies, farm fresh eggs, gardening and collecting.

I tried my best to capture the eggs that each one of them values in their baking and cooking.  Let's wait and see what they have to say!

Every cookie is evenly iced and flocked with fine sanding sugar.

Begin by cutting out and baking egg-shaped cookies in various sizes. Depending on how many you want to make, I strongly advise having an array of sizes, because if you intend to create gift baskets with them like I did, it will be very eye catching to have a mix.

To make them look professional, use a rolling pin guide to have every cookie of the same thickness.  The thicker the cookie, the sturdier it will be for packaging.

Cookies Awaiting Gift Bags

Outline and flood your Araucana egg sugar cookies in various shades of blue, green, cream and brown royal icing.  I like the pop of colors and am happy with the results.

I took artistic liberties with the colors and made some of them a bit darker. They are whimsical cookies after all.  The royal icing shades I used for these were: dark brown, jadeite-mint green, turquoise-teal, pale ivory and off-white.  

Note:  if you want to flock your cookies like I did, dredge each one with fine sanding sugar while the icing is still wet.  You can then shake off any excess sugar after the cookies have dried completely.  

Every gift bag has an array of sizes and colors.

To construct goodie bags, locate large cellophane bags and paper loaf pans that can easily fit in each one.  Place each paper loaf pan at the bottom of the bags and fill each with a bit of crinkle paper in whatever color you want.  I used natural-colored paper for mine.  Carefully arrange egg cookies on the nest of crinkle paper and arrange them based on color and size, placing the larger ones toward the back.  Tie each with a colorful ribbon.  Voila!

Vintage Linens for Gifting

Everyone of the gift recipients is a collector, so I will be surprising them with a unique tea towel from my collection of 1950s linens.

Araucana Egg Sugar Cookie Gift Bags

I love the way the gift bags came out.  Every one is unique.    

Enjoy crafting your very own Araucana egg sugar cookies for friends.  Do remember to make them easy and enjoyable for yourself because this truly is a relaxing thing to do in an afternoon.

Here's to good baking, good friends and good times!