Merry Catsmas Cookies

Does one say Merry Catsmas or Meowy Christmas?  Whichever way you think kitty pronounces it, it's so easy to make kitty cat gingerbread or sugar cookies for Christmas.  This is exactly what I did for my niece and nephews over the weekend.  

For over a decade, I have made it a tradition to have a set of cookies with me as I travel out west to spend Christmas with my family.  I don't like to repeat myself with cookie designs for the niece and nephews, so it's a bit of a challenge coming up with things they've never seen me create.  

Kitty cats are beloved pets in our extended family.  Using my Martha by Mail cat cookie cutters and a Wilton snowflake cookie cutter, I quickly iced cookies in a matter of an hour or so.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing difficult.

For the kitty cats, I applied two consistencies of white royal icing.  A very stiff icing was used to pipe the scarves on each cat with a #18 open star tip.  Using a flowing royal icing, I piped a bead of white along the perimeter of each cat with a #2 piping tip.  Drageés were placed on each scarf.

In either a green or red royal icing, I piped dots for eyes.

That is it! 

For the snowflakes, I outlined and flooded some cookies in light green royal icing using a #2 piping tip.  Using the stiff royal icing with the #18 open star tip, I traced a snowflake design on naked cookies as shown, and piped stars here and there.  I added drageés where I saw fit.  I then traced a snowflake design on the flooded cookies and embellished each with either dots or drageés.

I love these minimally iced snowflake cookies.

Don't the kitties look tempting on this Fire King jadeite platter?  Before I forget, ice a few snowflake cookies in red royal icing for a very festive look.  I think they add such wonderful color to the rest of the cookies.

There you have it.  Merry Catsmas Cookies that any baker can make in one afternoon.  I'm looking forward to Christmas this year because I am anxiously awaiting to meet my mother's newest kitty cat addition to the family.  For the cat lovers in your family, include some festive cheer to the holiday table this year in the form of something "meowy".    

Merry Catsmas to you and your four legged babies!


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