Sweet Valentine's Day Cookies

The last of the Valentine's Day cookies for 2020 are undoubtedly sweet.  I narrowed down the hues of the cookies to four colors in order to keep things effortless and straightforward.  This in no way limited the range of designs that I created for the folks here in town.   

Take a look!  

A rich, deep chocolate brown royal icing always looks very tempting and striking on a cookie, no matter how it's used.  For Valentine hearts, it's a winner.  Add to this a very bright pink and dark red to round out the hues, and of course, a bit of white to lighten the palette.  With these four colors, heart sugar cookies come together in a matter of 1-2 days, depending on the amount of treats that you have to ice.

This set of hearts sitting on Wedgwood white bone china and British lustreware demitasse cups are perhaps my favorite of the bunch.  It's all about the dotted border.

Using a #2 piping tip, add red and pink dots along the perimeter of the mini hearts and large hearts, alternating colors.  Let the dots set for a couple of minutes.  Outline and flood the heart in either white or chocolate brown royal icing using a #3 or a #4 piping tip.  Let the icing set and dry completely.  You can then pipe a message (in this case XOXO) with a fine #2 piping tip in the icing color of your choice. 

Very easy.

Atop this Martha by Mail shell pink milk glass cake stand is another variation of those dotted border hearts.  I wrote Kiss Me and I (heart) U on them.  

Large Red Heart:  outline and flood the heart in red royal icing using a #4 piping tip.  While the icing is wet, using #2 piping tips, outline an inner heart in white icing and then one in chocolate brown icing.  With a scriber tool, drag the icing in an S curve throughout the heart to create the pattern.  Let the base dry completely.  Outline the perimeter of the heart in red royal icing using a fine #2 piping tip.  

Overlapping Hearts:  Outline the overlapping hearts using a #2 piping tip and chocolate brown royal icing.  Immediately flood the inside of the hearts in red royal icing.  Let the icing set for a couple of minutes, and then flock the entire heart in fine, red sanding sugar.  Let dry completely.

Dotted Inner-Border Hearts:  Outline the cookie in chocolate brown royal icing using a #2 piping tip. Using pink and white royal icing (#2 piping tips), add an inner border of dots.  Let the dots set.  Immediately flood the inner heart in chocolate brown royal icing and let dry completely.

Plain White Hearts:  outline and flood the hearts in white royal icing and then sprinkle with multi-colored nonpareils.  Let dry completely.  Using Rolkem gold, apply a small amount of gold onto the bottom tips of the hearts using a fine brush.  

These cookies are a variation of what I already showed you. The large heart in the center is simply given inner hearts on wet icing.

The large red and pink hearts are outlined and flooded in a single color and are left to dry.  Valentine's Day messages are then piped on the sides.  

The lustreware cups were given to me by a dear friend, and I absolutely adore them.  If you plan on having people over for a luncheon or gathering, and you are going to serve tea or coffee, place one or two cookies atop the cups before you pour. 

An instant cookie bar can be set up if you have cake stands of various sizes and colors.  You can never go wrong with white stands if you have colorful cookies or desserts.

Thank you, David DeVito, for the lovely cups.  They were perfectly paired with these cookies in my opinion.

Don't forget that Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Bake and ice some cookies for your cutie pie or find a local cookie crafter who can make you some to give to your love.  A cookie or two like this will make February 14th unquestionably sweet.  

Happy Valentine's Day!