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The Martha by Mail Cookie Cutter Index

Here is an index of all the sets of cookie cutters that were made and sold exclusively through the Martha by Mail catalog.  Many of you veteran and budding collectors have been asking for this for quite some time, because of the lack of information out there regarding all of the sets of copper cutters.  A lot of time and research went into compiling this list in its entirety, and as such, there are a handful of unknown cutters/product in the SKU number roster.  I had help from several collectors, friends, a lawyer, and even an appraiser (more on that to come).  Thank you!

A Selection of The Oversized Martha by Mail Cookie Cutters

I have divided the sets into two lists, each organized by product number.  The product number indicates the order in which each cutter was offered/released for sale through Martha by Mail.  One list consists of the large, closed-back cookie cutters that were sold in sets of two, with the exception of the Nordstrom Teddy Bear and the copper trays (noted by an asterisk).  The other list consists of all of the sets that were made with open-backs and sold as boxed sets.  All of these were made out of copper, except where noted.

KLC009 Snowflake Cutters; Set I, Set II & Set III

Please note that the large cookie cutters were sold in conjunction with the boxed sets.  Also, the Hearts Cookie Cutter Set was listed as having 12 hearts, even though there are 13 pieces to the set; the same goes for the Egg Cookie Cutter set.  The catalog counted the "broken cutter" as 1 cookie cutter. 

Martha by Mail affixed 3 letters to each product in their catalog followed by numbers.  In this case, the letter "K" meant Kitchen.  All Kitchen products, regardless of type, began with a "K".  "MB" meant Michael Bonne (the coppersmith).  All KMB products were Kitchen-Michael-Bonne, followed by their numerical order of introduction (note: KMB was reserved for the oversized cutters).  KLC probably stood for Kitchen-Light-Copper, Kitchen-Little-Cutters or something along those lines (Michael Bonne was responsible for the majority of these as well).

Photographs of some examples are shown below the list of cookie cutters.  These were taken from the Martha by Mail catalogs.  For images of the other cookie cutters, please visit the 'Collecting' page  tab at the top and scroll through my personal collection of Martha by Mail cookie cutters.

 Large (Oversized) Cookie Cutter Sets
KMB001  Man in the Moon & Star (set/2)
KMB002  Heart & Hand (set/2)
KMB003  Barnyard Hen & Hatching Bunny (set/2)
*KMB004  Rectangle Nesting Copper Trays
*KMB005  Oval & Heart Copper Trays
KMB006  Great Owl & Belfry the Bat (set/2)
KMB007 Sugar Squirrel & Mighty Acorn (set/2)
KMB008 Prancing Reindeer & Snowflake (set/2)
KMB009  Teacup & Cake (set/2)
KMB010 Papillon (Butterfly) & Sunflower (set/2) 
KMB011  House & Christmas Tree (set/2)
KMB013 Butterfly Cookie Cutter Set (tin; set/3)
KMB014  Seahorse & Nautilus (set/2)
KMB015  Snowman & Candy Cane (set/2)
KMB016 Tom Turkey & Chubby Pumpkin (set/2)
KMB018  Nutcracker & Mouse King (set/2)
KMB019  Flag & Shield (set/2)
KMB021 Ring & Wedding Cake (Giant Wedding Cookie Cutters; set/2)
KMB022  Wreath & Present (set/2)

KLC001 Leaf Cookie Cutter Set (Autumn Leaves; set/6)
KLC002  Small Candy Cane & Snowman Set (set/2)
KLC003  Hearts Cookie Cutter Set (set/12)
KLC004  Dogs Cookie Cutter Set I (set/5)
KLC005  Eggs Cookie Cutter Set (set/12)
KLC006  Dogs Cookie Cutter Set II (set/5)
KLC007 Beautiful Bugs Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)
KLC008  Halloween Cookie Cutter Set I (tin; set/6)
KLC009 -Snowflakes Cookie Cutters Set I (set/3)
               -Snowflakes Cookie Cutter Set II (set/3)
               -Snowflakes Cookie Cutter Set III (set/3)
KLC010  Cats Cookie Cutter Set (set/5)
KLC011  Halloween Cookie Cutter Set II (tin; set/7)
KLC012  Autumn Harvest Cookie Cutter Set (tin; set/6)
KLC013 Evergreens Cookie Cutter Set (set/5)
KLC014  Seashore Cookie Cutter Set (set/5)
KLC015 Baby Shower Cookie Cutter Set (set/5)
KLC016  Copper Biscuit Cutters
               -(round; set/5)
               -(fluted round; set/5)
               -(square; set/5)
               -(diamond; set/5)
KLC020  Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set (set/26)
KLC021  Heart Quartet (set/4)
KLC022  Blooming Flowers Set (set/4)
KLC023 Bell & Dove Cookie Cutter Set (set/2)
KLC024  Woodland Bird Cookie Cutter Set (set/2)
KLC025  Victorian Ornamens Set (set/4)
KLC026  Orchid Cookie Cutter Set (set/3)
KLC027  Patriotic Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)
KLC028  Spooky Cookie Cutters (set/4)
KLC029  Arctic Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)
CNA001  Noah's Ark Cookie Cutter Set I (set/9)
CNA002  Noah's Ark Cookie Cutter Set II (set/9)
CNA003  Noah's Ark Cookie Cutter Set III (set/9)
KPS003 Easter Marshmallow Treat Kit Cutters (set/5)
KPS004  Halloween Marshmallow Treat Kit Cutters (set/5)
KCC001  CanapĂ© Leaf Cutter Set (set/4)
Nordstrom Teddy Bear (single cutter)

KMB018  Nutcracker and Mouse King Cutters


KLC009 Snowflake Cutters Set III
KLC024 Woodland Bird Cookie Cutter Set

KLC002 Small Candy Cane and Snowman Set
KLC029  Arctic Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)
KLC029  Arctic Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)

KMB022  Wreath & Present (set/2)

KLC009 Snowflake Cutters; Set I, Set II & Set III
KLC003  Hearts Cookie Cutter Set (set/12)

KLC021  Heart Quartet (set/4)

KLC023  Bell & Dove Cookie Cutter Set (set/2)

KLC023  Bell & Dove Cookie Cutter Set (set/2)

KLC026  Orchid Cookie Cutter Set (set/3)

KLC007  Beautiful Bugs Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)

KLC026  Orchid Cookie Cutter Set (set/3)

KLC016  Copper Biscuit Cutters
               -(round; set/5)
               -(fluted round; set/5)
               -(square; set/5)
               -(diamond; set/5)

KLC022  Blooming Flowers Set (set/4)

KLC022  Blooming Flowers Set (set/4)

KPS003  Easter Marshmallow Treat Kit Cutters (set/5)

KLC004  Dogs Cookie Cutter Set I (set/5)

KLC004  Dogs Cookie Cutter Set I (set/5)

KLC006  Dogs Cookie Cutter Set II (set/5)

KLC010  Cats Cookie Cutter Set (set/5)

KLC027  Patriotic Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)

KLC027  Patriotic Cookie Cutter Set (set/4)

KLC028  Spooky Cookie Cutters (set/4)

KLC028  Spooky Cookie Cutters (set/4)

KLC001  Leaf Cookie Cutter Set (Autumn Leaves; set/6)

KLC012  Autumn Harvest Cookie Cutter Set (tin; set/6)

Martha by Mail


  1. This is fantastic, David! I will reference it on my blog. Thank you for doing this!

  2. Wow! Did not realize that I have the first set (still in its box, tissue paper and booklet). The sun and moon. Do you know if it has increased in value because it is the first? Thank you for the index.

    1. That's wonderful! The first set, Star and Moon are always available on eBay and Etsy. If they're not in the original box with decorating cards, they sell for less than they do otherwise. All sets, though, have increased significantly in value over the years. Collectors can't seem to get enough of them.

  3. David. First, mazel!!for all your hard work and organization of these beauties. Second,I never realized so many were created by Martha.I don't have all of them but could still be considered a "hoarder" �� And I have loved every minute of it. Again, much thanks for your sharing of your collections and insight into enjoying and caring for them.

  4. David,
    I have one question. I wrote years ago about a small heart cutter that came with my heart and hand cookie cutter.I don't see it mentioned on the list. Does it not count as part of the hand and heart or is it considered a promotional piece? Thanks.

  5. Thank you for this index! I have most of the cutters but am always looking to add to my sets. LOVE THEM!

  6. Thanks for the list of cookie cutters. Question, I recently acquired an entire bag of copper cookie cutters, question did Martha mark her cookie cutters with any identification marks. The cookie cutters have no marks but look very similar to these.


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