Spring Robins

One of the first things I look forward to in the spring is the arrival of the robins (Turdus Migratorius).  These cheerful songbirds become less visible during the fall and winter because of their roosting.   Once the weather starts getting warmer, though, they branch out and begin appearing on people's lawns in search of food.  I happened to be looking out my window this morning, when I noticed a small flock of robins hopping & bopping around the house.  There is still some snow on the ground and the crocuses are not out yet, but the birds are hungry and out in full force.  Last year, we seemed to have had a large number of robins around the property & I certainly hope that this year will be the same.  

Here's a cute little one on my lawn.

These two robins are sunning themselves on the glade
behind our house.  You can see that we still have a
lot of spring cleanup to do.

This one was pecking the ground in search of worms.
Against the trunk of this locust tree, the crocuses are
just starting to come out.  I can't wait!

Just look at this robin's orange breast.  Isn't it gorgeous?

These two decided to move to another spot.  Their
cheerful singing is such a pleasure to hear.

 The snow was no problem for this robin.  In fact,
I saw him pecking at it for a little drink of water.

I'm proud that the robins around our home have a pesticide-free environment.  Many people spray harmful chemicals on their lawns to keep them green and it's a practice I strongly advise against.  From berries to insects and worms, these birds will have no shortage of food this year.  I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the other birds that make our home their very own.  Stay tuned!


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