Storing Silverware

For the longest time I did not take the storage of my silverware seriously.  To be perfectly honest with you, I was keeping my flatware in boxes that were tucked away in a closet.  I came to realize that this was no way to care for my silver, because I simply wasn't enjoying it.  Nowadays, I like storing my silverware in drawers because it gives me access to them at a moment's notice.  When I decided to seriously tackle this problem, I was reminded of what Martha did at her former Westport, Connecticut home, Turkey Hill.  She had a large kitchen island with built-in drawers where the silverware was stored.  Although I don't have that in my kitchen, there were some drawers that were suited for this task. 

These Shaker-style drawers were perfect.

I pulled those boxes out from my closet and began organizing by pattern and type.

I measured the interior of my drawer and cut some felt to line the bottom.  You can put pieces of velcro underneath the fabric so that your felt is anchored, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

These are large British spoons that I began placing along the edge.  It makes a lot of sense to alternate their placement in order to maximize the space.

This drawer is almost full.  You don't want to overcrowd your silverware.

These pieces are plain stainless steel, but they're nice enough to care for in the same manner.

One last thing I like to do is place another piece of felt with the same measurements, over the entire drawer. 
This is optional.

Having my silver placed like this makes me want to use it more often.  If you have your silverware in their original boxes, by all means keep them there if you want.  Just make sure that you do use your silver on a regular basis and enjoy doing so.  This will not only reduce tarnish, it will also make even the most casual meal a bit more pleasant and special.  Cheers!


  1. Love your ideas. Recently sold a lot of my silver but kept enough to really enjoy it. I want to use it and keep it out - you inspired me!

  2. You should enjoy whatever silver you do have because it's beautiful! It's never a chore for me to maintain them and although it seems that I'm the only one who pays attention to the tablesettings at my house, it's still nice knowing people are using my silver. Happy Entertaining!!


  3. Found your blog thru Martha Moments and really enjoying your blog! I have my silver in its box but like you said I hardly ever use it. I like this idea, thanks! Keep up the great posts, so glad I found you!

  4. Thanks for reading Reynaul!

    I appreciate it. I know what you mean about having silver stored in a just never sees the light of day! I do suggest dedicating a drawer to your silver and having it at the ready. It's almost a guarantee that you'll be reaching for these pieces more often than not!


  5. Already done, I got up this morning and cleared out a drawer in my dining room buffet cabinet just for this! Weekend project, thanks again!


  6. I love it Reynaul! With a little determination we can accomplish a lot.

    Enjoy using your silver!

    By the way, send me a photo of that drawer with your silver so that I can post it here on the blog to show readers.



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