Soap Bottle

I believe this was one of Martha Stewart Living's first 'good things' to be introduced to us almost 20 years ago.  It is perhaps the easiest thing you can do to make your sink look neat and orderly.  The moment I see one of these in someone's home, I immediately know that I'm in the presence of a kindred spirit.  There are many types of soap dispensers available to the consumer these days, so let your tastes dictate what you want to have in your kitchen.  This is how I keep my liquid dishsoap.

I recycled a wine bottle that held some French rosé.  This one is embossed with the letters CP.  Choose one that's clear and simply fill with your preferred liquid dishsoap.  Don't forget to buy a pouring spout. 


I think I've had this bottle & spout for about 11 years now.  That antique Portuguese pig will be a future Good Thing.


If you do make one of these for your kitchen, why not fill an extra one to give to a friend who's just moved into a new home?  It's an unexpected gift and one that is sure to be used a lot.  Make this good thing one of your must  haves for the place you call home.  Cheers!