Woodland Wonders

I love taking daily walks, not only for the physical exercise, but also for the learning experience.   Just the other day, I went into the woodland that surrounds our home with my camera in hand and I glimpsed at some of the first signs of spring.  To my surprise, I discovered some plant material and trees that even I didn't know we had.  Perhaps it's part of my curiosity, but I like to know exactly what I have in my own backyard.  With several acres surrounding us, it's sometimes a challenge to accomplish this.  Take a look at a few of the discoveries I made in the woodland the other day.  

This is one of the numerous walking trails just behind the house.  The path is flanked by pachysandra and a few daffodils that are just starting to come out of the ground.

A bridge that goes over a tiny brook.
I love standing here.

A patch of hostas is coming along quite nicely.  To think that just a few months ago this was all covered in so much snow.

As I was climbing the hill, I was immediately drawn to some white flowers in the distance.  I could not believe it.  A white flowering magnolia tree!

Look at these flowers.  Beautiful!

This bud is just opening.  A few bees were buzzing nearby and I was in heaven.

At the top of the hill, by the field, more color was breaking through.  Can you see the vivid pink?


As I walked underneath this magnolia I was in complete awe.  Truly magnificent.

These cherry blossoms just opened a few days ago.  They bring such beauty to the landscape.

Now that winter's chill is behind us, go outside and take a walk.  Make it a habit to carry a camera because you just may find yourself in front of something spectacular.  Nature has something to teach us everyday and I know I'll continue to be amazed and mindful of my surroundings.  Cheers! 


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