Martha by Mail Noah's Ark Cookie Cutters ~ Set III

The third and last set of Noah's Ark Cookie Cutters gave us some more beautiful animals to cherish.  The product designers at Martha by Mail put a lot of thought into these superb copper cutters and the coppersmith himself, put a lot of care in making them.  One of the aspects that I do so love about all three sets is the diversity of fauna from around the world.  How wonderful to have animals from various countries that span all seven continents; let your imaginations create one of a kind cookies for a baby shower, a child's birthday party, or for the holidays as Martha frequently does. 

The label on the box.
Catalog # CNA 003

The opened ark box.  Every single cookie cutter fits quite snugly.

The decorating & recipe booklets, along with the plastic ark template.

Set III decorating booklet.

Text below is from the decorating booklet.

A Monkey & Llama.

  • Monkey: Flood most of the cookie with a smooth coating of blue icing.  While wet, flood the face and lower-tail areas with a smooth coating of white icing.  While white icing is still wet, pipe an ear.  Quickly flock cookie with sanding sugar before icing dries.  Gently shake off excess sugar, let dry, then pipe a brown eye.
  • Llama: Use the same technique for the llama, flooding most of the cookie with green icing, adding the areas of blue icing while the base coat is still wet.  Repeat flocking process and pipe a brown eye.

A Gazelle & Turtle.

  • Gazelle: Flood the cookie with yellow icing.  While icing is wet, pipe a patch of white icing at neck and throat.  Quickly flock the cookie with sanding sugar while the icing is still wet.  Gently shake off excess sugar.  Let dry.  Pipe a nose and eye with brown icing.
  • Turtle: For the blue-spotted turtle, use the same wet-on-wet icing technique used for the gazelle.  Flood the shell area with green icing; while wet, pipe the blue areas.  Flood the head, feet and tail with blue icing.  Let the icing dry.  Pipe tiny white dots on the shell, and flock them with sanding sugar.  Gently shake to remove excess.  Pipe an eye and smile in blue.

A Peacock, Owl & Skunk.

  • Owl:  Flood with brown icing, leaving face bare; let dry.  Pipe dots of blue icing to outline a wing.  While wet, drag the blue with a toothpick into wing shape; let dry.  Pipe more blue for the face; let dry.  Pipe red eyes, then brown pupils.  Pipe a beak.  Use white icing to dot wing and for legs.
  • Peacock: Flood body (except headpiece) in dark-yellow icing and, while still wet, flood tail in pale yellow; let dry.  Pipe cream "feathers"; add blue, red, and white accents while cream is still wet.  Pipe headpiece red.  Add white circle; let dry.  Pipe blue onto white.
  • Skunk: Pipe blue streak, then flood with brown icing; let dry. Pipe and eye.

A Platypus (my favorite) & Bison.

  • Platypus: Pipe feet and bill brown; let dry.  Flood body with white icing; pipe blue eye.  Quickly flock with sanding sugar.  Gently shake to remove excess sugar; let dry.
  • Bison: Flood with blue icing; let dry.  Pipe design and tail in green, and quickly flock.  Gently shake. Pipe eye.