Blooming Dogwood Trees

Is it just me or are the dogwood trees blooming early this year?  I was amazed a few weeks ago to notice our dogwoods, as well as those of my neighbors, with beautiful blooms on them.  Truly & honestly I love trees of all types and it is my belief that one can never have too many of them.  Recently, a dear cousin of mine in California told me that she's always liked dogwoods & would love to have one on her property.  Her yearly visits to Yosemite National Park leave her appreciating these trees even more, so I've urged her to plant one in the near future.  The Pacific dogwood trees found in California are Cornus nuttallii, not to be confused with our Eastern dogwoods, Cornus florida.  Knowing how much pride she takes in her gardening & landscaping endeavors, I'm almost certain a dogwood will soon grace her home.

I've written about the dogwoods around our home in a previous post, but I've never shown you the ones in our neighborhood.  During one of my walks I took several pictures of what these lovely trees look like right now.  Many homes around here seem to have at least one dogwood, which makes me believe that so many other people see them as a good thing.  Here's a quick view of several beautiful, flowering dogwoods. 

Cornus florida at home.

Walking along a path on the meadow, the dogwoods are in full bloom.

These mature dogwoods give so much texture to the landscape.

 A sea of white blooms.

Images below were taken around the neighborhood.

This neighbor's tree is planted next to a lilac. 

The white blooms of the dogwoods are vying for one's attention along the road we live on.  Many people enjoy taking their walks here.

A low-lying dogwood graces this property's edge.  I love their delicate branches hanging over the wooden fence.

This well manicured yard has a large white Cornus florida on the right-hand side.  Centered in front of the stone colonial home is a young pink dogwood.

Here's a zoom-in of that beautiful tree.  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's no wonder why these flowers get placed on wedding cakes, in flower arrangements and numerous crafting projects.  Their delicate beauty brings elegance to anything they touch.

A mature dogwood is well protected from the elements by the taller canopy trees.

Its trunk is amazingly complex.  The branches which grow laterally cover a large diameter of space. 

This is a beautifully shaped dogwood tree that I drive by every single day.   

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