Remembering March 2012

March began with an introduction to the first ever cookie cutters produced for the Martha by Mail catalog, along with an irresistible batch of delicious chocolate palmiers.  I then went on to show you a really good pasta dish that I often turn to when I'm pressed for time and I gave you a brief look at what our home looked like at the beginning of spring; some short-lived lilliputian snowdrops were arranged in pretty pressed glass egg cups.  Wishing my darling niece a special Happy Birthday was also one of March's delights for me.  I love you Audrey!

As I took my walk through the farm where my friend lives, I was transported through several centuries of American history and I'm glad I was able to capture the essence of that magical place.  To be perfectly honest, there were several areas I did not photograph and wish I had, so sometime in the near future I'll have to return.  Spring is always a welcoming sight at home for us and I hope you all eagerly await it just as much as I do.  The season ushers in many more colors, dense vegetation, warm weather, wildlife galore and the promise of many good things.  Let's look back at March so that we can spring forward to April.

I love these cookie cutters because they make such beautiful cookies.  Every single decorated cookie is unique if you let your imagination run wild.  Look for these the next time your on an online auction.

Crunchy, sweet & chocolaty, these cookies are every bit as delicious as they look.  Make sure you seek out an all-butter puff pastry for this baking project, because in the end, it's going to make all the difference.  This is just the thing to munch on with a perfect cup of cappuccino or espresso.

The harbingers of spring are beautiful & spectacular.

You would never guess by looking at this tiny flower that it's pleasantly fragrant.  So delicate and only with us for a couple of weeks in early March, it sure does make me crave spring.  Plant several to enjoy next year.

These cookie cutters get used every single year.  I love the sweet little critters when they're decorated and ready for shipment to one of my nephews or my dear niece.  I'm lost without these cutters.

When I posted about this yearbook, I didn't realize it was going to get so many hits.  That makes me happy because the Wilton Yearbooks played such an important part of my childhood baking experiences with mom.  If you really go through some of the vintage issues you'll see that many bits of valuable information, from cake decorating to wedding cake construction, are still pertinent today.

Using gorgeous salt cellars is my preferred way to present salt at a dinner.  They make any tablesetting extra special.

So fast & so delicious.  On the weekends, pasta is just not pasta unless I have a good glass of red wine to sip with it.  When it comes to pesto, I'm very particular.  It has to be homemade with the best pine nuts (although I've been known to use blanched almonds in a pinch) & pecorino romano cheese instead of parmesan.  A sprinkling of coarse salt over the dish & presto!  A good lunch.

My little one.  I love you! 

This farm is a preserved with loving care.  I will return soon to capture more beautiful images for my archives when everything is lush & stunning.

Happy Spring Everyone!