Afternoon of a 'Lion'

The Lion in this case happens to be my 12 year old red tabby who goes by that name.  As you all know, I love my kitties and nothing in this world brings me greater pleasure than my two adorable babies.  Several weeks ago, I was walking upstairs to store some folded up laundry when I noticed a small ball of red fur at the other end of the sun-filled hallway.  I could see pointy ears sticking out and the top of Lion's fuzzy head, along with his adorable pink nose.  Not wanting to waste a moment I went back downstairs and grabbed my camera. 

What you must know is that Lion is not one who enjoys having his picture taken.  He likes privacy and will turn away or let you know he's not happy when you point a camera his way.  Lulled into a most relaxing cat nap under a warm & bright sunbeam, I found my opportunity and began photographing.  He did not budge, blink or mind in the least.  Lion was too busy catching some rays to be bothered with this type of attention.  Lucky for me! 

Most of us have cats because they provide great companionship, unconditional love, some much needed therapy when we're feeling down and because their laissez fair attitude is the source of constant amusement.  After sharing a few of these pictures with some friends, they all said that this was definitely "the life".  An afternoon nap without a care in the world.  Indeed it is a good life for my kitties.  Take a look at what my Lion enjoys doing most. 

This is what I discovered when I looked down the hallway.  Lion's small head was sticking out from the side of the stairs which lead to the attic.  He's guarding the door so that no one may enter.  Ye be warned!

As I wound my way around, this is what he was doing.  You can see him leaning against the step, sort of barring the way up the stairs and denying me access to the bedroom nearby.

Another angle of his afternoon siesta.  So wonderfully content with doing nothing.  Legs and arms are kicked out and his belly is warming up with direct sunlight.
Here's a zoom in of my cutie pie.  If he were awake right now, kitty would be walking away from me.  Lion is such a happy cat.

A bigger close up.  I can't get enough of my little baby's face.  He lets us smother him with kisses and will gladly be held for as long as we can stand it.  We get tired before he does!

I hope everyone is having a good, relaxing summer!